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The TrackerPortal offers a wealth of features to your project resources allowing them to see instantly what projects they are working on and the tasks assigned to them.

From here they can enter actual time worked against these tasks and any expenses incurred which can be authorised by managers either through the TrackerPortal itself of via our email authorisation feature.

The timesheets entries feed directly on to the Project Managers dashboard allowing them to instantly compare actual versus budgeted effort and address overrunning tasks quickly.

Plan Activity Management
Budgeted Days
Billable/Non Billable
Populate Timesheets
Task Control
Timesheet Authorisation

Whether you build your plan from the default set of Project Activities or import Activities from your Microsoft Project™ Plan, TrackerRMS allows PM’s to manage Plan Activities, setting statuses, expected end dates, budgets, timings and even start and stop Resources from entering timesheets against them.

For projects where budgets are set around the number of days, Plan Activities can be managed at the task level ensuring Project Managers always know the baseline they are working to. As timesheets are completed, Project Managers can instantly see how much of their budgets are being used up by actual effort, instantly identifying when a task overruns or required support.

With TrackerRMS you can distinguish between your billable and non-billable project activities at the task level. This ensures that Invoices and Payment only reflect the charges due to your while the Project Manager has a complete view of their Resources workload.

Once your team has been assigned and your Plan Activities defined, Project Managers can easily populate Resource timesheets with the click of a button saving time when completing timesheets as their tasks are pre-defined for them automatically.

Ensure you focus quickly on the project tasks that require management support through the task control dashboard. The dashboard instantly shows Project Managers which tasks are overrunning on time or budgeted days using a Red, Amber and Green system.

Timesheet entry is important for any Project Manager looking to control their budgets effectively. Authorisation of timesheets is also as important, especially if the effort is being billed to clients on a Time & Materials basis. Timesheet authorisation can be done manually via the TrackerPortal or via a one-click eAuthorisation process that emails a copy of the timesheet out to the manager for online approval directly through the email itself.


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