3 Habits of an Effective & Savvy Staffing Agency

Many have found success by not following the rules – by charting a course different than the rest and refusing to settle, the best Staffing Agencies are rarely taken by surprise. Consistency in practice and hard-earned expertise allow them to recognize trends and changes that could impact efficiency, effortlessly steering their ship through choppy and troubled waters, but still managing to provide the best service for clients and, ultimately, deliver the goods. Long before a recession changes the tide, experts in hiring see the telltale staffing signs of an economic shift and they are free to adjust their sails to maneuver around the largest obstacles. Before they even set sail, their preparation is imperative to stay one step ahead and maintain solvency.

And The Best? They know that being the best doesn’t just happen – sometimes you have to carve your own path by shaking loose of norms and perceived standard industry regulations.
At Tracker RMS, we are keen to share tips, tricks, and practices of the highly effective and staffing agencies. Savvy?

Should You Follow Rules?

“Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!” The best know they should follow tried and true paths, yet also be prepared to adjust course, as needed. Anyone could do it the way it’s always been done. It takes a true genius to figure out a better, more efficient way.

As staffing agencies grow and achieve their own standard of success, their history will show consistent habits and practices that contributed to that standard. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t change or grow as the times change, but it does mean that it is valuable to remember what got you there and be ever cognizant what clients have come to expect.

3 Top Habits

1. Never Say Die

One young recruiter tells a story of her first assignment: staffing the oncology department at a large rural hospital. “I can’t believe how long it took to find a proper slate of candidates. Our standard practice was to call every hospital across the country to get the word out. But after 60 days of searching, pitching, and sending job details – our standard approach just wasn’t working. I had to shift and look at it completely differently – what needed to change in the research and pitch? what kind of nurse would make this move? what type of individual would benefit the department under the current administration? who would find this a move up their own ladder of success? Once I changed my thinking and approach, the reception from newly-targeted candidates changed. We filled a position that no one else had been able to fill because we didn’t give up.”

Once you say, I’m not giving up – you figure out how to make it happen, because there is no other choice. Never say die. And ruthlessly prioritize what is necessary to meet your clients’ needs. If that means changing your approach and practice? Then, adjust your sails and correct your course.

2. Give CARE

During the fury that takes place once a staffing assignment leaves port, it is easy to forget how important it is to take care of – or as we like to say – GIVE CARE to the job seeker, applicant, or candidate. Whether they never make it to a first-round interview or they are in the final round, candidates need to be cared for and respected. Not giving consistency in care and deference will drastically reduce the possibility of that individual answering your emails or taking your calls for future similar searches. No assignment or staffing project should be considered a one-time pass. The future will be filled with presenting the same candidates to different clients – they are your treasure. Carefully unpack and share your treasures on each and every assignment and the reward will be great, providing return after return.

3. Provide Impeccable Service

Similar to giving candidate care, the best staffing agencies know that quality of service is key to current and future successes. Think of it as retention: retention of YOU as the staffing resource of choice. The most successful Hiring Professionals around the world have these things in common: they listen and make sure to understand the intricacies of each assignment, and then they provide the follow-through and follow-up necessary to complete an assignment with a “job well done.”

If it were easy, every agency would be the best. They aren’t. Future work and agency brand are contingent upon results and reputation. Your clients shouldn’t think twice about who they will engage with for their next staffing needs. There should be no question.

Worth Your Weight in Gold

If an agency, big or small, implements these or other great habits, a course for success will be set. Reliance on the stars or a dusty old map will be unnecessary because sound practices allow each to adjust and correct course as needed, to reach the destination.

Never give up, care for candidates, and serve clients. Fortunes have been made by developing and sticking to habits like these.

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