5 Ways the Right ATS Can Increase Productivity and Placements

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As presented in a training webinar hosted by industry leader Barb Bruno, David Alonso discusses 5 key ways recruiting and staffing firms can increase their productivity and placements by using the right ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Top staffing agencies know that in order to compete, they need streamlined and efficient job posting, screening, and hiring processes. But, those are really the basics.

Here we cover how to use an ATS (or recruitment software) to increase productivity, create smoother workflows, and build better relationships with your candidates, clients, and users. All of these improvements lead to increased placements and revenue by allowing your recruiters more time to focus on what humans do best.

#1 Automate Mundane Tasks

Marketing and Recruitment Automation is about letting your software do the heavy lifting when it comes to recruitment, nurturing, sales, marketing and onboarding activities.

How does it increase placements and profits?

Automating mundane tasks, data entry, standard workflow and email sequences are activities that increase the productivity of your recruitment, sales and operations teams by automating the repetitive tasks that keep them from doing what they do best – Recruiting and Selling. Less time spent on routine and standard tasks, means more time closing deals.

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#2 Empower Decisions with Better Analytics

Analytics and Reporting is about offering actionable insight into your recruitment, sales and operations, allowing you to see what’s working and what’s not and make changes to optimize those activities.

How does it increase placements and profits?

From easily creating sharable reports and scorecards to track employee performance to monitoring which sources bring you the most placements to generating forecasts that reveal future opportunities, these reports should provide useful information that your team can use to grow.

#3 Enable Mobile Access (for Users, Candidates, & Clients)

Mobile Recruitment and Sales means never losing touch with your data and always having your workflows, communications, and analytics at hand. Don’t let progress stop. The idea isn’t to encourage your staff to work 24/7. Rather, it’s to make it easy for them to view a resume or log calls right from their phones when at the airport, between meetings, or walking the dog.

How does it increase placements and profits?

If your ATS is easy and convenient to use, it will get used more. And, for all of the reasons we mention in this training system, utilizing an effective recruitment software will increase placements, and thus increase profits.

#4 Integrate Business Functions

Integrated Recruitment, Sales, Operations and Marketing in your ATS means you aren’t having to buy and manage dozens of separate and semi-connected applications. It means all of your records and data points are connected and talk to each other. It’s easier, cheaper, and more effective.

How does it increase placements and profits?

Bringing numerous job functions into one platform is, inherently, a productivity booster. No more trying to manage everything across multiple platforms; with a solution like Tracker, you can run candidate searches, post to job boards, track applicants, manage candidate records, correspond with clients, track sales and run reports, all without leaving the platform. Again, saving time and increasing profitability.

#5 Demand Exceptional Support and Success

Client Support and Success means having a software expert on your team. There is a reason it’s called Software as a Service; and an ATS is only going to help your team if they know how to use it, and optimize it.

How does it increase placements and profits?

Utilizing recruitment software that offers a dedicated client success manager means your entire team will be more effective with the software, and with their recruitment and sales efforts. Give them the support they need to be successful, and let their hard work be more productive.


We hope you have enjoyed this quick overview of how to improve efficiencies and, at the end of the day, your bottom line with these key ATS functions.  Your ATS should help your entire team improve their productivity and processes, allowing more time for key human activities. Hopefully you have gleaned a few tips and tricks from this piece, and also had a chance to see where your current ATS might be lacking or where you might be able to utilize your current ATS more effectively.


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