5 Ways to Increase Productivity & Build Better Relationships

David Alonso

Co-Founder at Tracker

David worked in recruitment for many years before starting Tracker. His passion for creating long lasting and empowering relationships allowed him to grow from a junior recruiter working at a tech firm, to running his own successful recruitment business in one of the toughest recruitment markets in the world.

Upon realizing that there was a major gap in the recruitment software space, David and his partner Andy decided to switch gears and form Tracker, to serve hundreds of staffing and recruitment firms across the globe.  Now in its 13th year, Tracker continues to prove to be unlike any other typical recruitment software and ATS/CRM in the market.

In this training webinar, David Alonso will discuss the 5 ways recruiting and staffing firms can increase their placements (and bottom line) by utilizing the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


Top staffing agencies know that in order to compete, they need streamlined and efficient job posting, screening, and hiring processes. But, those are really the basics.


Here David will cover how to use an ATS (or recruitment software) to increase productivity, create smoother workflows, and build better relationships with your candidates, clients, and users.


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