5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

If your resume is looking a little busy or dull, or you’re not getting noticed as much as you’d like to, try updating your resume with some of our proven successful tips for making your resume stand out.  Here we have collected five of the biggest game changers when it comes to updating your resume.

1. Keep Formatting Simple

Let the content speak for itself. Don’t use a crazy font or overuse color.  Most HR professionals prefer a traditional black and white resume as not to distract from the candidate’s accomplishments and qualifications. Utilize a bulleting style to make your resume more reader friendly as well.

2. Communicate with Confidence

Be proud of awards that you’ve worked so hard for. This is your time to shine modestly, be confident and present that in your resume. Let numbers speak for themselves. Instead of saying “led successful sales team,” say “led successful sales team and increased profits by 200% annually.”

3. Use Buzzwords

Do your research. Explore the company’s website and utilize their language. Show them that you are a great fit for their company and that you are offering exactly what they are searching for!

4. Accomplishments are Formatted Correctly

List your greatest successes in the format of ‘result-cause.’ For example, instead of “applied progressive teaching principles which improved standardized test scores by 25% in a six-month period,” try, “Increased students standardized testing scores by 25% in a six-month period through progressive teaching methods.”  This will emphasize the result of your hard work, and show that you are an employee that delivers.

5. Use Language to Your Advantage

Be creative in your word choice and be specific! Instead of saying “summer intern,” try saying “marketing intern.” Use language that encompasses your entire role and use it to your advantage.

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