Before and After: An Industrial Staffing Transformation Story

From home renovations to the digital transformations of your staffing tech, before and after stories are a great way to discover potential. In our third before and after story, see how a light industrial staffing firm flipped their back office with Tracker.

At Tracker, our team is regularly part of some incredible staffing technology transformations with new clients implementing Tracker to streamline their recruitment processes. This is one of those stories.

Tracker allowed us to also save money on using their back office system for billing. It is a great ATS to use for a new hire that is new to the staffing industry as well. It helps the recruiters with tracking the full life cycle of a placement – Tracker User

Before: Industrial Staffing Transformation

The Team

A busy, high-volume light industrial staffing firm has worked diligently to improve front-end processes with their recruiting, but have found more challenges behind the scenes with their administration and back office needs.

Because of their high-volume needs, keeping track of all the current, potential, and past candidates has become difficult. More often than not, candidates are getting mixed up regarding where they are in the process, which is causing frustrations.

In addition to a lack of effective candidate and contractor tracking, their timesheets are a mess and reminding employees to fill them out has become a job in and of itself.

The team is already using tech to try to maintain a process, especially with shift scheduling and recruiting, but it’s multiple different logins and more often than not, the systems don’t talk to each other or are slow to process. Not to mention, you still have to manually input much of the data.

The Tech

The current tech the team was using was okay, but they didn’t use anything special for timesheets and other back office support, which was proving to take more time than they’d like. But was also necessary for their gig-focused clientele.

Most of the tech used only managed one aspect of the bigger recruitment process picture. The team realized it was time to find something that integrated better and could handle all their different staffing needs. They needed the full tech package.

The Challenges

  1. Tracking Candidates – The high-volume of gig workers has caused confusion as to where they are in the process, the length of their contracts, and what assignments they are on. There’s been more work and candidates than ever before, so finding a way to effectively and accurately track is becoming more and more necessary to stay afloat.
  2. Tracking Timesheets – The current process consists of filtering information through managers to input manually for each candidate. It’s getting cumbersome and taking much longer than it should, especially considering there are many important tasks to take care of.
  3. Shift Planning – As the team takes on more and more candidates, it’s getting harder to track shifts and find holes that need to be filled. The current calendars they are using are okay, but it’s another login, to another system.
  4. Candidate Sourcing – Because the market has been flooded with gig work, it’s vital for this high-volume recruiting firm to stay on top of potential candidates and always have their funnel filled.

Summary of Challenges

To keep up with the growing demand and high-volume of industrial staffing openings, they’ve realized it’s time to upgrade to a system that can handle all of their challenges in one place, with one login.

After: Industrial Staffing Transformation

The biggest advantage with selecting Tracker’s ATS and CRM was getting the complete package in one place. From sourcing candidates quickly (and easily) to tracking contractor status and schedules to completing timesheets, it was a no-brainer to migrate to Tracker.

Tracking Candidates & Shift Planning

The team was finally able to effectively track candidates through the process. Using Tracker’s TempTracker features, the team was able to create and plan for shifts, find new candidates, and give existing candidates more opportunities to pick up work.

The shift planner focuses on quickly identifying candidates to fill specific shifts. The candidate finder allows the team to identify potential candidates that could match an open shift, allowing for faster filling.

Candidate Pools allows contractors to snag new shifts and opportunities in real-time through the Tracker Candidate App. This has helped the team fill positions faster and give more control to candidates. This has also created a lot of saved time emailing, texting, and notifying candidates of new shifts.

An unexpected benefit to the team that was included in Tracker’s ATS was the compliance module. This made it easy to ensure the right candidate for the right job based on specific requirements and needs.

“We can track the sales cycle from the lead through the placement to the invoice on the client side, and the candidates from application through placement on the talent side. The automations and processes save us time and energy. The pricing saves us money, compared to the larger CRM applications.”Tracker User

Tracking Timesheets

Long gone are the days of manual timesheet tracking now that they’ve implemented Tracker’s Back Office features. Using the Candidate Portal, all candidates have access to interact with hiring managers, enter timesheets, request vacation, and submit expenses. This has saved an incredible amount of time for the team, eliminating extra tasks.

Candidates can use this portal on any device, making it easy to use and communicate with the business, hiring managers, and other important contacts. The team sets up what the candidate can/can’t see and it’s not only professional-looking, but more importably highly useful for staying on top of paperwork.

“The search team use the system for all front office and ATS needs but I use the middle office piece to run timesheet and expenses. It’s quick and easy to review missing timesheets so it speeds up my payroll process.”Tracker User

But tracking timesheets isn’t the only Back Office feature that they’ve found beneficial to the team. Managing candidate assignments and projects has come in handy to better plan fulfillment needs to ensure there aren’t any gaps.

Sourcing Candidates

Sourcing qualified candidates quickly was difficult with the high-volume placements needed, but since using Tracker’s ATS it’s been smooth sailing, keeping the funnel filled with great candidates.

What used to take hours to create the job, post it, and review resumes, now takes a few clicks with automation from Tracker. Using integrated Job Board posting, each hiring manager can quickly create a job and distribute it across the 1000+ job boards the firm utilizes, saving the recruiters tons of time while improving the distribution of job postings.

Additionally, the recruiters love Tracker’s Watchdogs and Auto Match for automatically pulling in candidates from Job Boards and automatically matching them to open positions.

Using Resume Parsing has saved the team countless hours from the previous manual inputting of skills, job history and more into candidate profiles. Tracker’s automated parsing allows instant creation of candidate profiles by scanning resumes and inputting the data automatically, including images. Coupled with the Skills Profiling feature, the team is now able to search for specific needs for each position to find the best candidate matches in record time.

Overall, Tracker has allowed the team to source high-quality candidates for their high-volume needs without any slips through the cracks. Tracker has helped keep the team organized, efficient, and ready to take on more growth.

Industrial Staffing Transformation Summary

Tracker not only supports the full front-end recruitment process, but goes above and beyond offering the back office needs that often get overlooked, but take significant time. Through intuitive automation, Tracker simplifies and streamlines recruitment and staffing to fill faster with high-quality candidates.

“Tracker is a comprehensive ATS product for our mid-sized full-time and contract search services company. The implementation was as easy as it could have been and our learning curve has increased as we use more features and continue to customize to fit the needs of various teams and individuals. As a cloud service, Tracker is easily accessible from any location and device.”Tracker User

Let’s Flip Your Industrial Staffing Processes.

If you’re ready to take your recruiting to the next level to fulfill the needs of today and the future, it’s time to consider Tracker. With our breadth of front and back office features, your team will save time and money while improving the experience with your firm.

Contact us today for a free demo to see how Tracker can help your firm transform.

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