Buying Recruitment Software: Where Do I Start?

First, it is important to identify what features you and your team value and use the most, as those will be essential in your next software choice. So, take the time to consult with your team and find out what they value most in the software.  Some of the top features that we have found are the most important to recruiters are requisition management and approval, job posting/career portals, pre-screening and assessment, work-flow automation, communication, and interview management, and reporting and analytics. Finding out what is most important to your staff will give you a place to start when seeking out software that incorporates all those features.

When looking for new software it is also important to understand that you will have to learn a whole new system, so it is important that you have the tools to become competent in the software that you choose.  Selecting a user-friendly software with an educational component will make implementation a breeze.  Looking for software that comes with instructional videos, webinars, live support, and step-by-step learning instructions are essential.  Making sure your team has access to the educational tools needed to understand the software, will help to solidify the success of your team members.

Choosing software that is cloud-based is going to be extremely advantageous in the long run, as there are many benefits in choosing a cloud-based recruitment software.   Cloud-based software allows companies to store limitless amounts of data and access it from any secured device, as the data isn’t stored locally, you can access it anywhere, anytime. This gives recruiters an advantage when outside the office, they still do have access to their recruiting software.  With an open API code, you the user are able to automate processes and communication among different systems as well as platforms.  This allows you to really customize and tailor your software to your business.  Cloud-based software also offers more competitive pricing and are generally more affordable than traditional software that require often timely and expensive software updates.  Cloud software is able to update with a simple click of a button, making this option as convenient as can be.

Which brings us to our final piece of advice for choosing the best software. Make sure that when you do choose a software, it is able to grow with your company. Evaluating your software needs and choosing a new software isn’t something you need or want to be doing every year, so make sure that the software that you go with has the capabilities that allow for customization as well as growth.  Many cloud-based software allow for full customization options that can be tailored to fit your exact business needs.

So when searching for your next recruitment software, you should keep an eye out for a few things; make sure that it incorporates your team’s most valued features so they can improve work performance, it offers educational tools to help you and your team get the most out of all the accessible features, look for a cloud-based system to make business on-the-go easier, and finally, choose a system that will encourage growth within your business

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