Celebrate Your Staffing Stars

Woo Hoo! National Staffing Employee Week is here! There’s no better time to celebrate your staffing stars. At Tracker, we love any occasion to celebrate the successes of hiring firms and the staff they place. 

So, what’s the purpose of this special celebratory week, and why should your staffing agency get involved?

“Success is best when it is shared.” – Howard Shultz

National Staffing Employee Week: What is it?

National Staffing Employee Week is an initiative developed by the American Staffing Association. It aims to celebrate the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing agencies. Each year, during this dedicated week, staffing agencies nationwide host special events to pay tribute to their temporary and contract employees.

Richard Wahlquist, chief executive officer at ASA, explains: “National Staffing Employee Week is a time for the staffing, recruiting, and talent solutions industry to celebrate the millions of outstanding temporary and contract employees who—every day—contribute to American productivity and the overall economic well-being of our economy. During the second week of September, we invite all businesses, organizations, and staffing firms across the country to recognize the temporary and contract workers who are making a difference in their organizations.”

The week kicks off with the official announcement of the National Staffing Employee of the Year, along with All-Stars identified in major economic sectors.

Why Celebrate Temporary Workers?

Temporary workers are essential to many businesses, especially during peak seasons, special projects, or staff shortages, and are increasingly used as organizations struggle to find the right people for permanent roles. Contract workers bring valuable skills, flexibility, and diversity to businesses, and deserve to be appreciated and recognized for their contributions.

Crazy Facts You May Not Know About America’s Contract Staff

If you are in the staffing agency world, you’ll already know that temporary and contract staff significantly contribute to organizations across all sectors and that U.S. businesses are increasingly hiring workers on temporary contracts (for a variety of reasons). 

Here are some crazy stats you may not know about temporary and contract employees:

  • Nearly three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week.
  • America’s staffing companies hire over 14.5 million temporary and contract employees annually.
  • Most staffing employees in temporary contracts (73%) work full time, comparable to the workforce (75%).
  • Six in 10 staffing employees (64%) take temporary contracts to fill a gap between jobs or help them land a job.
  • One in five (20%) cite schedule flexibility as a reason for choosing temporary/contract work.
  • Staffing employees work in virtually all occupations in all sectors:
  • 36% Industrial
  • 24% Office–Clerical and Administrative
  • 21% Professional–Managerial
  • 11% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
  • 8% Health Care

Source: [Staffing Industry Statistics by ASA]

National Staffing Employee Week: Why Get Involved?

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If you’re in the staffing, recruiting, and talent solutions industry, you’ll know how hard it is to find and retain great staff. The job market is tough right now, and unearthing superior hires can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. This applies equally to contract staff as it does to permanent roles.

For many recruiting firms, contract staff comprise a considerable part of the staffing business. Yet, the unique skills contract staff bring to enable recruiting success can easily go under the radar. Take adaptability as an example – this is an essential skill for the smooth transition of workers between contracts. How often is this recognized?

Many agencies act to support and recognize the value of their contract staff throughout the year. Still, National Staffing Employee Week provides an ideal opportunity to step up appreciation and celebrate staffing stars.

In a tight job market where businesses lean more towards using contract staff to fill gaps, agencies must hang on to their best temporary staff. Remember, just as contract staff aren’t tied to a single employer, they can easily move between agencies, too.

About the American Staffing Association

Originally known as the Institute of Temporary Services, the American Staffing Association (ASA) was established in 1966. The driving motivation behind the association’s creation was to provide the industry with a strong national voice and to educate policymakers on the unique attributes of the staffing business.

The ASA is now the voice of the U.S. staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry. Its purpose is to advance the interests of the staffing industry across all sectors through advocacy, research, education, and the promotion of high standards of legal, ethical, and professional practices. 

Supporting Your Contract Employees to Shine

Getting everyone on the same page. Shot of a diverse group of businesspeople working together on a laptop in an office.

Looking after your contract workers involves much more than finding them a placement. Watertight workflows and optimized processes can reassure your temporary workers that you are the agency for them. 

Placing your contract workers in the right temporary role to suit their skills can be enhanced with the right ATS (Applicant Tracking Software).

Tracker provides everything you need to build better recruitment processes. The most comprehensive set of temp tools of any ATS are all fully embedded within the platform, providing a solid end-to-end Recruitment and Staffing solution for your business.

Tracker’s platform includes Assignment Management, Tasks and Pay/Bill Rates (e.g. hours, days, overtime, PTO, weekend, night shift, etc.), inbuilt Timesheets and expenses, automated approval process, auto-invoice creation, auto-payroll generation and full integration with the leading Accounting and Payroll systems such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage.

Our dashboard and back-office tools allow you to quickly review and process your temps and timesheets or expenses using our Candidate Portal, including AI receipt scan recognition as standard.

Whether you’re running 5 or 500 temps, Tracker takes all the pain out of the onboarding, time management, and financial tasks without leaving the platform.

Placement is easy – our Candidate Search, one of the most sophisticated on the market, combines over 80 individual filters, including core statuses, types, resume skills, skill profiling, address, availability, salary, contact history, and any number of our unlimited custom fields. Job board posting and sourcing are also made easy with Tracker. Post to multiple job boards in one click. Leverage your database for faster placements and auto-match candidates.

Recruitment history stored in Tracker adds valuable information to overlay resumes. Our “AI Ranking” constantly learns from the ongoing engagement with each individual during their life in Tracker and applies this in tandem with resume ranking to ensure the best candidates are presented every time.

Why not schedule a demo of the Tracker platform for a customized assessment of your staffing firm’s needs? Start building better relationships with your contract workers and your clients who rely on them.

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