Creative Ways to Boost Productivity

One of the greatest ways to boost productivity is to make the work environment a place where people want to be; a place that encourages teamwork, socializing and is a positive atmosphere.  The combination of getting active,  creative outlets, and a good meal are great productivity boosters.  Here we have compiled a list of some of the most effective and creative productivity boosting techniques that are sure to bring success to your office.

Incorporate an Open Seating Plan

Cubicles can often be isolating and don’t do anything to encourage the creative process. With the implementation of a more open floor plan, or desks that are near each other, it encourages the collaboration of ideas, allows employees to co-mingle and makes the office feel more like a community.  Companies like Buzzfeed have incorporated this style and have found that this type of office encourages open communication and creative participation among team members.

Embrace Downtime

Taking time throughout the day to relax and take your mind off of work has actually proven to better your focus and productivity. By allowing employees some time to do something creative, relaxing, active or outdoors, you are providing support and creating a positive work environment. Companies like Google have really embodied this one; where employees have access to Legos, beanbags, bikes and more. This has over time made employees happier and has been proven to boost productivity.

Get Moving

Taking time during the day or after work to work out and get moving will encourage friendly competition and will be a fun activity to bring the office together.  Companies like Grasshopper have actually had a yoga instructor come in and teach the staff how to do yoga at their desks. Getting active and switching it up throughout the day will keep employees alert and help employees get to know each other better.

Bring Your Dog to Work

Encouraging your team to bring their furry friends into the office will boost morale and reduce stress while creating a climate that is comfortable and fun (make sure no one is allergic first!). Bringing your dog to work will increase interactions between employees and will generally (depending on the dog) bring a sense of calm to the office.


Spend some time personalizing your office! Bring in photos, plants, make a cool bulletin board and get creative. By encouraging your team to be creative, you are encouraging them to collaborate, to make this space comfortable and to make this office their own.

Share a Meal

If you’re all going to be eating lunch anyways, why not eat together instead of in isolation. By encouraging employees to eat together they’ll get to know each other better. Hey, you may even learn about a new food or make a new friend.


Take time to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small! Whether it’s a happy hour after work or a surprise party for a coworker’s birthday, celebrating is a great way to boost office morale and bring the team together around something that’s enjoyable for everyone.

By integrating one or a few of these methods into your office culture, you will see a boost in company morale as well as productivity as a result of the comradery created within the office environment.  The combination of these things are guaranteed to sustain happier employees as well as create a positive team environment that will push your business towards success.

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