Data Migration

Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the most important steps in transitioning from your existing system to Tracker.  Doing it right should not be under-estimated or under-valued and it takes time, input from knowledgeable staff and a solid review process.  Doing it wrong risks losing data forever, ending up with a system that is less functional than the existing one and ultimately the continuity of your business.

For this reason, we have a dedicated team of data migration experts within our implementation team who are committed to understanding the content and usage of your data and its safe and complete transfer into Tracker.

We have experience migrating over 80 different CRM and ATS systems and most of our implementation team has worked in recruitment for many years, understanding the value and complexity of your data.  We configure the data migration to ensure that our clients are satisfied, and we never charge hourly.  Pricing is fixed so that the burden of success sits squarely with us each and every time.

No two migrations are ever the same and our individualized approach provides clarity on the processes we follow and the expectations of all parties. Our team applies the flexibility required to ensure every piece of data makes sense and serves its purpose from the moment you fire up Tracker for the first time.

Types of Migration

  • No migration of data(a clean sheet) whereby we will setup all of your systems’ settings, users, templates and workflow but data is entered from scratch.  Perfect for start-ups of course but also those that do not see any real value in the data they have.
  • Spreadsheets & Resume Documentswhich is where we import only core data such as Clients, Contacts and Candidates directly from spreadsheets or CSV files.  If you have a folder full of resumes in any format (docx, pdf etc) then these can be bulk parsed directly into Tracker and create all of your Candidate records with full contact and history extracted.
  • Full Data Migrationwhich is where we lift and shift your entire existing database and transfer everything into the corresponding fields in Tracker, including all relational information such as emails, calls, notes, job history and so on. This has all the continuity of your existing data but with all the significant advantages of the Tracker platform!

Spreadsheets & Resume Documents

Most systems allow for the export of data in either Excel, CSV or other similar formats, and for those clients who would rather start with all their core customer and/or candidate information only, this is a good choice. 

With this option we can take information relating to Clients, Contacts and Candidates in flat file format and import them directly into Tracker. 

Assuming there are no significant complexities involving the cleaning up, merging, re-mapping or de-duplication of this data, this option is offered free-of-charge.  If the data is in a poor state, needs breaking out into separate files, or is fragmented across multiple files is various formats, then a nominal charge may be offered if you require that our data team correct this for you prior to importing.

Please note that only core Client, Contact and Candidate data can be used with the Importer, so no relational information such as activities, notes or work history related to these core records can be imported.  For this type of data, a Full Data Migration will be required.

For Resume Documents, we can take all your existing documents in any digitally readable format (such as doc, docx, pdf etc) and bulk parse these for you, automatically creating full candidate records ready for searching immediately.  Again, assuming these are in common document format, organized into one or more folders (typically zipped up), this service can be offered free-of-charge.  We can even assign ownership to different users, departments, or sources!

We will confirm any work required upon reviewing your data and provide you with the required pro-forma spreadsheets and DropBox folders to upload your data at no extra cost.

Full Data Migration

Our baseline data migration consists of a tried and trusted process to ensure the quickest and most comprehensive path to getting you logged onto TrackerRMS with minimal impact to your day-to-day business.

Our baseline goal ensures we move 100% of the data you need from your existing system into TrackerRMS and demonstrate this to you within our system until you are happy!

Our outline process is as follows:

To understand more about the phase of a Data Migration, please click any of the sections below:

Introduction & Scoping

This is an important phase in the process and allows the key stakeholders on both sides to meet in order to ensure absolute clarity on the project, the contributors, deliverables and what is required from all parties to make it a success. 

The output from this phase is the Scoping Document which is a living document that will evolve as the project progresses and ensure all parties have clarity on the current and planned progress.

Quality Review

In combination with the data from your existing system and the Scoping Document, this 1st review phase is all about the Quality. We require knowledgeable representation from the client to go through each aspect of the migrated data, comparing old with new to ensure no data is missing or in the wrong place.

The output from this phase is the Quality Review Summary which is a concise set of corrections, if any are found, and a new version of the data being requested with any corrections applied.

Enhancement Review

This review phase serves two purposes:

  1. To sign-off any corrections from the Quality Review as complete
  2. To assess and agree any Enhancements to the data prior to go-live

We appreciate that one of the reasons you are moving from your existing system to Tracker is limitations in functionality and/or a new way of working productively.  We also appreciate that there is a difference between migrating data accurately and migrating data usefully.

Despite nearly all migrations resulting in the data being in the right place from the get-go, we allow for up to 3 enhancements within the baseline migration.  Additional enhancements are perfectly reasonable but may impact time (or cost) depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

Examples of enhancements may include:

  • Data Cleansing – the removal of unwanted data such as very old data or data no longer needed
  • Data Mapping – the change to existing types and statuses (e.g. the Job lifecycle) in support of a new way of working
  • Data Augmentation – the creation of new improved data from that already in the system to make it more effective such as moving activities to notes or notes to references

The output from this phase is the Enhancement Review Summary which is a concise set of amendments.

Final Review

This final review phase confirms that the amendments from the Enhancement Review Phase have been implemented as agreed and that the data migration results mean that go-live can now be scheduled.

This will also trigger the start of the training plan and final configuration of the database such as your job boards, text service, telephone services and any other integrations you have selected in your contract.

If you are requesting a final backup from your existing provider then don’t worry; this will be reviewed in the same way to ensure nothing has changed.

Go Live

The big day!  Whether we implement your initial data or take receipt of the final backup of your existing data, by go-live, everything will be in place, your users will be trained and your team can start on their Tracker Transformation.