Go Bold or Go Home (With Your Tail Between Your Legs)

As unemployment rates keep going down, the competition for top candidates keeps going up. To continuously attract talent, it’s no longer enough to just be different with your recruiting efforts – you must be bold! This means thinking outside the box and experimenting with new recruiting approaches that may seem outlandish on the surface, yet may prove to be very effective in drawing a new pool of talent. Here are some ideas to consider:

Make it a party.

While events take a certain amount of time, effort and money, they can have huge payoffs when it comes to attracting new talent and engaging potential candidates. If you’re recruiting for a specific type of industry, consider throwing a fun “pop-up” party where professionals can visit your office, meet your staff and learn about employment opportunities. By creating a “zero pressure” atmosphere in which people can have fun and mingle, you’ll organically grow your talent pool through informal networking – which will ultimately lead to more effective recruiting and better placements in the future.

Take a lifestyle marketing approach.

Because staffing firms often take a traditional marketing approach with job opportunities, it’s become common for candidates to glaze over this type of advertising. If you’re struggling with your current marketing tactics, it may be time to consider a lifestyle marketing approach. Lifestyle marketing is a type of marketing that connects products, opportunities or services to attitudes, values and beliefs. For example, you may promote your staffing firm as having a team that understands the challenges of job seekers, or you may promote the importance of having a rewarding career with work-life balance. Implementing this type of lifestyle-focused messaging through social media, ads and other marketing channels will likely resonate more with candidates and help you build a stronger talent network.

Get your employees involved.

Your employees are your greatest asset – so why not get them involved in the process? Establishing an employee referral program can be one of the most powerful ways to generate the highest-quality candidates within the shortest amount of time. There are many ways employee referral programs can work; the important thing is to create a program that’s easy for your employees to follow. For example, rather than have your employees carry around business cards, give them referral cards instead. When they have interactions with potential high-performing candidates who appear to be in “job search” mode, they can hand out these cards as a way to compliment the candidates and incentivize them to look for a new job with your firm.

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