Having Trouble Retaining Clients? Use These Three Tips

If your staffing firm has struggled to retain clients, it’s time to take action and make client retention a priority going into the new year. In many cases, it’s easier to retain a current client than it is to acquire a new one. Failing to retain clients will leave your team in a constant state of turmoil, as they’ll have to keep developing new relationships and adjust to new clients’ needs. Because client retention is paramount to your firm’s growth and bottom line, taking time in your end-of-year planning to evaluate your firm’s efforts in this area is key. As you seek to grow your firm, here are three tips to implement in a client retention strategy:

Enhance your customer service.

While you may believe you’re already offering top-of-line customer service, there’s always room for improvement in this area. Finding ways to enhance your customer service can make a huge difference when it comes to client retention. For example, are you scheduling monthly or weekly check-in calls with clients to stay updated on their needs? Is your team promptly responding to clients’ phone calls and emails? Being readily available to your clients is one of the most important elements of high-quality customer service, as it shows a continual commitment to their needs and concerns. Strong customer service also involves actively listening to your clients’ feedback and taking time to implement hiring solutions that solve their biggest challenges.

Revamp your employee onboarding.

If your employees lack the skills required to effectively engage clients, this is sure to have a negative effect on your firm’s client relationships. Your onboarding and training protocols can have a significant effect on how your clients are treated and their perception of your firm. It’s important to provide extensive onboarding to new employees that covers everything from talent acquisition practices to ATS training. Fully preparing your internal team will empower them to meet the needs of your clients in the most effective way, helping your firm develop and maintain strong client relationships.

Stay connected.

Staying connected to both existing and former clients helps to keep lines of communication open and keeps you on your clients’ radars. Consider going beyond your standard business communications and reach out to clients through birthday or holiday cards, occasional lunch invitations or even a simple email to say hello. Making an effort to reach out for non-business purposes will show your clients you value and appreciate them, paving the way for long-term relationships in the future.

Finding opportunities to add value to your clients, as well as showing them you care, will do wonders for your retention efforts. With just a little planning, you can make a big difference in your client retention outcomes!

Is your team struggling to retain clients?

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