How an All-Encompassing Recruitment Agency Software Can Increase Recruiters’ Productivity

Are you looking to increase productivity at your recruitment agency this year? If so, you’re in good company. Improving workplace productivity is the number one issue facing middle-market companies in 2018, according to Techaisle, a global IT market research firm.

Agency owners who want to improve productivity should begin by looking at the sheer number of disparate technologies being used at their firms. How many different programs, applications and platforms are you running with right now — five? Ten? The average middle-market company is using nine or more tech tools to manage everything from talent acquisition and performance management to new hire onboarding and recruitment marketing, according to a survey on the state of HR/recruiting technology conducted by #HRWINS.

At the same time, more than a quarter of respondents in the #HRWINS survey reported that poor integrations between these myriad systems were a major pain point. Other challenges included:

  • Difficulty managing the many systems
  • Functionality weaknesses
  • Gaps in automation and data

An all-in-one software solution with efficient workflow, reporting and analytics tools can provide the productivity boost you’re looking for at your firm. We’re not saying that with the right platform, we can do away with all the other tools you’re using — but we can show you how the right software can streamline operations and empower your team members to be more efficient and productive.

1. Gathers all your major functions under one roof

Bringing numerous job functions into one platform is, inherently, a productivity booster. No more trying to manage everything across multiple platforms; with a solution like TrackerRMS, you can run candidate searches, post to job boards, track applicants, manage candidate records, correspond with clients, track sales and run reports, all without leaving the platform.

With such an end-to-end solution, your applicant tracking system and CRM talk with each other and your employees can switch and manage tasks all from within the same platform. It becomes the one tech tool your firm can’t do without.

2. Automates routine tasks

Automation remains a huge software trend across industries. The top two cited benefits of automation are cost savings and increased productivity, according to this HelpSystems report. And the McKinsey Global Institute predicts automation will increase productivity by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually across the globe.

Why is automation such an important component to increased productivity? When you automate mundane tasks, you free up your recruiters to better spend their time with clients, candidates and prospects. That is, simply put, a better way of working.

What kinds of tasks are we talking about? TrackerRMS, for example, automates:

  • Resume screening
  • Collecting and segmenting information from lead capture forms
  • Responding to applications
  • Posting vacancies to and searching job boards
  • Requesting references
  • Creating a candidate record and updating skills
  • CRM functions, such as tracking your customers’ jobs and candidate history

3. Gives everyone complete access to data & metrics

A comprehensive software solution provides better access to information, which unites sales and recruiting staff. Employees get the data and insights they need to best serve clients and candidates, paving the way for better collaboration. Everyone starts playing on the same team just a little bit (in some cases, a LOT) more. That will always increase productivity.

The ability to set your own success metrics, evaluate performances and deliver reports based on those metrics then becomes a motivating force. Your team’s productivity will spike as a result.

4. Integrates with your email provider

The average office worker receives 121 business emails and sends about 40 business emails every day, The Radicati Group reports. Handling such an astounding amount of correspondence becomes easier when your recruitment software integrates seamlessly with your email provider.

It’s easy to lose information when communicating with clients, candidates and staff. A complete software system enables you to track and centralize your email communication without having to leave the platform to look up important details.

TrackerRMS fully integrates with Outlook, ensuring your emails are centrally stored on Tracker under the relevant contact. Outlook sends your emails directly into the TrackerRMS system.

For all other email providers, Tracker’s MailAgent ensures that emails are stored against your contacts and candidates records without the need to cut and paste or re-type. Simply BCC (blind copy) or forward your emails to your MailAgent, and TrackerRMS will store a copy – including any attachments – automatically.

5. Is accessible via mobile

Today’s employees don’t just do work at work — they complete work-related tasks from wherever they are, whenever they need to, via their mobile devices. In fact, according to the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, 61 percent of employees work outside the office at least part of the time.

The entire suite of TrackerRMS tools is accessible via mobile, meaning your employees have quick and easy access to client and candidate information, recruitment activities, job postings, etc., right on their smartphones. This speeds up responsiveness and decision-making and boosts productivity.

In an increasingly mobile world, mobile is the new baseline.

TrackerRMS: Comprehensive recruitment agency software for Recruiter, Candidate and Client success

A complete recruitment agency software solution plays a major role in boosting productivity — which in turn, of course, increases profits. Recruiting agencies that leverage technology to work in smarter and better ways are the ones that succeed and grow.

To learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive recruitment agency software solution, read our post, “11 Critical Factors to Consider When Selecting Recruitment Agency Software for Your Business.” And to see how TrackerRMS can increase efficiency and drive profits at your company, schedule a live demo today.

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