How an ATS Integrates Fragmented Recruitment Processes

Has the proliferation of business solutions and systems in recruitment finally backfired? Over the years, piecemeal enhancements have inadvertently created bottlenecks and siloed information pools. It has made the process of hiring talent quite challenging.

Now, many recruiters are held back by fragmented processes. Multiple systems to learn, numerous usernames and passwords to remember, and information duplication have led to workflow inefficiencies and a frustrating experience for staff. It’s common to see a mishmash of manual and computerized workflows with a series of handoffs between functions and information systems. 

Fragmentation of processes is now the greatest frustration of all in recruitment!

The great news is there’s a solution. The tech hero of the day is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which seamlessly brings fragmented recruitment processes together.

Here are some cool ways a robust ATS integrates recruitment processes, putting hours back in your day and consigning fragmentation frustration to yesteryear!

Job Board Integration – Post Jobs and Search CVs in One Place

If you are working without an ATS, you will manually post your job descriptions on every job board you want to advertise on. Inevitably, this is a tedious and time-consuming process. Using an ATS enables you to create your job description just once and post it to multiple job boards in just a few clicks!

With Tracker, over 2000 job boards can be integrated into the system! Applicants flow directly into your Tracker system. There’s no need to go to each job board to hunt down potential candidates. An easy-to-use flagging system enables you to colour-code candidates and automatically add them to shortlists, keep them in a candidate pool, or, once screened, exclude them from your system entirely.

Integrated AI-Powered Resume Parsing for Efficient and Effective Screening

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Recruiters spend anywhere between 8 seconds and 15 minutes reviewing a resume. With an ATS, much of the screening work gets completed automatically using built-in resume parsing tools. Sifting through resumes is time-consuming; done manually or using spreadsheets prolongs the process and makes team collaboration highly inefficient.

AI-powered screening offered by an ATS automatically scans resumes according to your pre-set criteria and creates profiles for selected candidates. With Tracker, you can even extract photos from resumes creating truly personalized profiles.

It makes your candidate data more structured and enables recruiters to view, evaluate and manage incoming resumes more effectively. In addition, it’s much faster, giving recruiters more time on other essential hiring tasks.

And because an ATS covers so many other functions, screening resumes isn’t carried out as an isolated activity. An ATS centralizes resume data, giving recruiters more control over shortlists and whom they select for interviews. As a result, no candidates slip through the net, and no poorly matched applicants make it through to the interview stage. 

Using a cloud-based ATS solution, recruiters can also collaborate and review candidates with colleagues on the go. SaaS (Software as a Service) ATS can be accessed on any device anywhere (if there’s internet access). This means there’s no time delay in the screening process, which happens if collaboration requires recruiters to be physically in the office.

ATS-Email and SMS Integration Tightens Communication Chasms

Communication is central to the hiring process, whether by email or text. Text messaging is now a highly effective way of communicating brief messages to candidates. A robust ATS integrates email and text messaging putting critical information at your fingertips in real time.

Tracker’s Outlook and Gmail Addin allow you to seamlessly process both inbound and outbound emails. The Add-in installs on your local machine and provides you with handy functions that integrate seamlessly with the Tracker system. You can create a lead or job from an email, create and update candidate records from attached resumes, and track and reply to emails from the Tracker dashboard, so you don’t have to bounce between browsers to action them. 

Tracker also provides built-in text messaging so texts can be sent to anyone with a cell phone number. You can free-type your text from Tracker or use templates to write them for you. You can also easily and quickly send bulk text messages directly from Tracker to save you valuable time.

Integrating email with your ATS is a no-brainer. It makes communicating with candidates, clients, and colleagues quick and easy. You can respond faster, track all emails, and automatically assimilate critical information. As a result, nothing gets missed or forgotten about.

Sync Your ATS With Social Media

Sync ATS to Social Media

Social media hiring is becoming more relevant and essential for candidate sourcing in a tight job market. By choosing an ATS that integrates with social media, you can:

  • Create a social media recruitment workflow
  • Post jobs across social sites quickly and easily
  • Manage multiple job descriptions, tailoring each to a specific site
  • Flow applications automatically into your ATS, regardless of the source
  • Quickly determine which social platforms are most relevant and practical for you

Take Tracker as an example. Tracker integrates with social media, like LinkedIn Recruiter, to keep data consistent between both platforms.

Tracker’s LinkedIn Extension provides a browser sidebar tool to capture individual candidates and contacts and import them directly into the Tracker system. People can be imported directly into the system as either contacts or candidates and assigned to your job shortlist or tagged as potential for the future.

Tracker lets you view comprehensive “resume” level data for anyone on the current page in collapsible sections to make the record more readable and reviewable.

There’s also an in-built check-back function to see if the person already exists in Tracker.

Pull or Push Data Between Your ATS and Numerous Apps

The latest in the ATS integration space is about joining the dots and managing the most complex workflows. Zapier is a cloud-based automation service that moves data between web-based connectors for over 1,500 applications, including most of the accounting, payroll, and campaigning software used in HR and recruitment. 

It works by using pre-defined actions and triggers. When these triggers happen in your ATS, it can action something in another application such as Sage, Quickbooks, Google, Hubspot, etc.

Integration doesn’t get better than that! Integrating your ATS with back-office systems brings mind-blowing time savings. In addition, accuracy improves because data doesn’t have to be entered manually into multiple systems.

Why Tracker’s ATS Should Make It Into Your Tech Stack

How an ATS Integrates Fragmented Recruitment Processes

In today’s tight job market, recruiters can’t afford to lose the race to top talent. By integrating your ATS with existing recruiting systems and streamlining workflows, you will prevent delays, avoid costly mistakes, supercharge productivity, and strengthen your hiring process.

Best of all, you’ll be first in the race to talent and move candidates through your hiring process faster, giving them a smoother experience and thus preventing dropouts. Automatically lifting information from resumes is just one of many cool features. It means you can cut down the size of lengthy application forms – a real coup since nearly 60% of job seekers quit online job applications mid-way due to their length and complexity.

Tracker offers much more than your average ATS, providing every functionality you need to manage your candidates, client contacts and leads, job and placement records, and everything in between. Everything you need for recruiting is integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform. Combining your ATS, Recruitment Automation, and CRM with Tracker will build you better relationships, processes, and results.

Tracker is an integrated recruitment software with applicant tracking (ATS), candidate and client relationship management (CRM), and more. So why not demo Tracker’s Integrated ATS, CRM, and Recruitment Automation Software today?

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