How Can a CRM Help You Grow Your Staffing Firm?

If you’ve been operating a staffing firm for several years, you may feel you’ve reached your peak in terms of growth. However, you may not have explored the many ways in which you can propel your staffing firm forward with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. With advanced functionality, CRM platforms can be very instrumental in allowing your recruiters to work more efficiently and effectively in all aspects of their roles.Here are some of the ways a CRM can play a key role in growing your staffing firm:

Help your team build better relationships.

As a platform providing an abundance of candidate data, using a CRM allows your staff to build and maintain better relationships. A CRM is a valuable tool in helping your team track conversations and build their own online communities in which candidates can be guided through the process of applying to jobs. Through detailed dashboards, your recruiters will have access to key candidate insights and updates, being able to view all email messages and interactions in one place.

Reduce candidate acquisition costs.

With a CRM, you can dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring new candidates in your talent pool, saving your business time and money. This is because a CRM system allows you to tap into your existing network, gaining greater visibility to share your job openings and re-engage existing contacts who may be good prospects. Utilizing your CRM, rather than a more traditional outreach method like cold calling, will allow your team to focus their efforts on their biggest sales asset – their networks.

Over time, you’ll see firsthand how investing in a CRM system can reap many results for your organization – improving your team’s performance and stimulating more financial growth.

Are you looking to grow your staffing firm in 2019?

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