How Recruiters Can Optimize Candidate Onboarding and Contractor Management

In this article, we are highlighting actionable best practices for your candidate onboarding plus ongoing contractor management.

Ensuring a streamlined and manageable process for onboarding candidates (and managing contractors on assignment) is critical to ROI, scalability, and growth.

Once your recruiters place a candidate, how does the onboarding and contractor management process unfold? Lots of emails? Maybe a few phone calls? Sticky note reminders? We know for many recruitment firms, a ton of admin time is spent getting candidates up and running.

At Tracker, our mission is to optimize our software for your entire recruitment process. From application to onboarding to continued placement and everything in-between. And, today, we focus that on optimizing onboarding and contractor management.

Our Back Office functions and TempTracker suite of features assist your entire recruitment team by reducing up to 93% of admin time with streamlined onboarding processes, shift planning and management, compliance, secure e-signature, and more.

In case you missed it, were sharing a blog series all about optimizing the whole recruiter process, beginning with posting jobs all the way through continued placement. Check out our recent posts in the series about optimizing your Job Posting, finding qualified talent through Candidate Sourcing, Engaging Applicants, and Interviewing!

If you’ve read our previous posts, you’re ready to take your placed candidates through onboarding. We’ll show you how to optimize this with best practices and technology.

How to Optimize (Make It Better) the Onboarding Process

Step 1: Standard Your Process for Onboarding

Whether starting from scratch or using a preferred and proven template, you want to ensure that all recruiters are using a standard process for onboarding candidates.

This means using a proven timeline, outreach schedule, and email (and text) templates to help your recruiters move a candidate through the onboarding process with a client.

Using templates and standard processes not only helps facilitate a successful and efficient workflow, it also ensures that all emails and communications are setup according to your branding and business standards.

Step 2: Create a Sequence for Onboarding

We recommend beginning by creating a customized onboarding workflow, complete with each step required to move candidates through this process. This could include email and text communications, access to your candidate portal, reminders to submit documents, reminders for start time/day and requirements, recruiter tasks to call for followup, etc.

Onboarding Workflow Checklist
  • Congrats Email with Benefits to Working with You, and What to Expect
  • Candidate Call to Check-in and Confirm
  • Welcome Email with Candidate Portal Access and Other Helpful Tools
  • Reminder and Check-In Texts
  • Time Sheets Reminders
  • Documentation, Form, Compliance Submission Reminders
  • Email and Text with First Day Reminders and Instructions
    • Parking Instructions
    • Badge Details
    • Location Details
    • Niceties
  • Update Candidate Status and Other Fields in ATS
  • First Day and Week Check-In Emails
    • How Day Went
    • Questions or Concerns
    • Additional Resources
  • Timesheet Reminders

Wondering why all these reminders? Not only does it help with candidate engagement (especially if information does change), but it also supports how your candidate communicates best – email, call or text. Tracker supports all (plus video) to easily engage, all through our system!

With Tracker, we recommend building each of these steps into a succinct and replicable process workflow, or sequence.

We also recommend using our Candidate Planner.

With this Tracker tool, you can view candidate availability and assignment status, instantly update attendance status and view history, assign candidates based on availability and skills, and more.

Another helpful feature is our Compliance module.

Using our compliance feature, recruiters can build specific compliance packs for new or existing candidates. Supporting clients in over 40 countries, Tracker understands the significance and importance of following specific local, state and country regulations.

Additionally, consider the intricacies of remote onboarding.

The pandemic brought about an unforeseen amount of remote working conditions. While we’ve seen more jobs coming back into the office, there are many companies who are allowing employees to select remote work. So how does that work with onboarding when they aren’t going into an office? Check out this interesting article on remote onboarding for hiring managers.

Key Features & Time-Savers:

  1. Sequences
  2. Candidate Planner
  3. Compliance Module
  4. Remote Onboarding

“Our team would agree that one of the largest benefits in Tracker is the ease of work flow and the power of the templates. For example if you are sending a contract to a client once you have placed a consultant, the template will not only send the email with the agreement, but it will also update the job work flow as well as the candidate work flow and close the job all in one step. It keeps our system much cleaner than before.” – Tracker User

How to Optimize (Make It Better) Contractor Management

Just because your candidate is now placed and onboarding is complete, you still have some behind the scenes work to complete, like managing their experience and making sure they continue to work with your firm.

Step 1: Standardize Process for Contractor Care

Map out your ideal process for managing and caring for your onboarded contractors or temps. Which steps does this include and on what cadence? When is the best time to start matching the contractor for their next position, for redeployment? These are things you need to map our with your internal team, then walk through how to optimize and streamline the process, removing as much manual admin as possible.

Step 2: Streamline Contractor Management

Creating and Planning Shifts with TempTracker

With our TempTracker, you can quickly build a shift profile when creating new Jobs. Then, search Candidates to put into Shifts (drag-and-drop). Utilize the Shift Dashboard to view real time check-in/outs, compliance and App downloads.


And don’t forget about the Timesheets. As we mentioned above, you can include timesheet reminders in your workflow. The feature itself reduces an incredible amount of admin time, especially for those temp or contract candidates.

Using our Candidate Portal, they can enter their timesheets whenever and wherever they want and can submit them for approval without needing to involve a whole team.

Using our timesheet management page, you can review all activity in one easy-to-follow page, reviewing submissions, sending approvals, sending out reminders, and more.


Does the candidate have expenses in their position? Using our Expenses feature, they can simply add an expense to their timesheets by taking a photo of any receipt or invoice and uploading to Tracker. Our AI will extract the details and input directly into an expense record for them.

Sequences for Communication, Reminders and Redeployment

Design and send dynamic sequences to candidates on assignment to automate checkins, timesheet reminders, resources and niceties, as well as redeployment matching and communication.

Key Features & Time-Savers:

  1. TempTracker
  2. Online Timesheets
  3. Candidate Portal or App
  4. Sequences

“Tracker flows seamlessly from CRM to ATS to Onboarding to Accounting/Payroll to EMS (Employee Management System).” – Abbey from Diverse Edge, LLC

Building Better Candidate Onboarding Processes

Tracker offers intuitive and time-saving features to support your recruitment team in sourcing the most qualified candidates efficiently. Our multitude of candidate onboarding and contractor management features allow you and your team to work smarter, not harder for all around success. 

Want to see how much time our Onboarding and Contractor Management features can save your recruitment team? Contact us for a free demo of these features along with recruitment workflow optimization insight. 👇

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