How Recruitment Software Can Help Attract Better Candidates Faster

To snap up top talent, you must be fast and stand out from the crowd, but stats show this is easier said than done.

A recent LinkedIn survey on hiring challenges found that a talent shortage is the biggest problem for 63 per cent of recruiters, and 76 per cent of hiring managers report finding it difficult to attract suitable candidates.

So how do you immediately captivate top-notch jobseekers, drive excitement about roles, and keep candidates engaged in the hiring pipeline to achieve awesome recruiting results?

Creative recruiting strategies and hard graft are essential, but recruitment software is an often-overlooked tool that can make a real difference to recruiters.

Recruitment software really can help to attract better candidates faster.

Here’s how.

The Power of Automation

Automation is exciting, but it’s also scary. So many of us have secretly wondered if the technology of the future could make our work roles obsolete!

Let’s not worry yet. Technology doesn’t hire people. People hire people, and recruitment software isn’t designed to replace recruiters. Its purpose is to empower recruiters to build better relationships and save valuable time.

In recruitment, building strong relationships with clients and candidates is vital. In this respect, recruitment automation is one of the most compelling reasons to adopt recruitment software. Minimizing menial tasks in the hiring process enables recruiters to focus on the hugely influential ‘building relationships’ side of their jobs.

Many tedious and time-consuming hiring tasks, such as background checks, candidate screening, applicant tracking, and managing and scheduling the interview process, can be automated by recruitment software, enabling recruiters to scan and engage with a greater quantity of candidates. 

Some of the deep work gets forfeited when recruiters are stretched to keep up with mundane tasks. Eliminating time-consuming data entry gives recruiters more time to get under the skin of skill sets and requirements, making placement much more refined and successful. This is critical for businesses because a bad hire is expensive; a bad one can cost as much as $15,000 and harm reputation.

In addition, automating tedious tasks reduces the inevitable errors human interventions make. Automation also massively reduces time to hire, and because recruiters have more time to be attentive, it reduces candidate dropout. Finally, automated emails tighten the communication process, keeping candidates informed and up to date.

If you are looking for recruitment software with air-guitar-worthy automation features, Tracker won’t disappoint. For example, Tracker automatically scans job boards to find new candidates overnight!

The Job-Posting Game Changer

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A job posting is the first potential contact a candidate may have with you. To pique the interest of highly skilled candidates, a job ad must stand out from the crowd and reach as many relevant candidates as possible.

Poorly written job ads are plentiful despite being a recruitment failure. A job ad needs a compelling heading and a succinct but exciting job description (without jargon) and must comply with equality laws. But writing a good job ad is a skill that takes time. Or, it used to be.

Even that (writing job ads) is about to change. AI can now assist in writing effective job descriptions to attract qualified candidates in the blink of an eye. True to form, Tracker continually reviews features to help recruiters do better and will soon launch ChatGPT within its ATS for job description writing.

So, recruitment software will soon be able to write your job ads, as well as automate a lot of time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the more important ones – like engaging with candidates – instead.

Posting jobs manually is also incredibly time-consuming. But being late to the table means you are missing potential opportunities. Meanwhile, the talent out there is being snapped up by someone else!

Automating job posting is a game-changer as it saves a crazy amount of time. This gets your ads onto hundreds of job boards at once, in a few simple clicks, multiplying your candidate pipeline exponentially.

This means you can spend more time crafting compelling job adverts without spending hours on job postings. The better your job postings are, the more likely they will attract better candidates. And time is of the essence in recruiting, so getting jobs posted quickly lessens the chances of you missing out to the competition. Speedy job posting and quality ads are necessary when snapping up the best talent.

Improve Comms and Build an Engaging Candidate Experience

Good candidates are contacted regularly by recruiters, so you need to put extra effort into persuading them to choose your company over your competitors. Creating an engaging candidate experience will maintain applicants’ interests and ensure they feel valued. Remember, candidates with bad experiences in the hiring pipeline are likelier to drop out and won’t use you again.

Communication and candidate experience is critical to hold the interest of top talent.

Recruiting software tools will help you to create a smooth and efficient candidate experience. This includes:

  • A single platform to manage candidates
  • A dedicated candidate portal
  • Mobile access to applications
  • Automated text messaging and message triggers
  • Video interviewing
  • Automatic interview scheduling
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • Pipeline visualization

Supercharge Accuracy, Consistency and Diversity for Better-Quality Hires

Without tech, matching candidates is time-consuming, potentially susceptible to sub-conscious bias, and can be hit-and-miss. Looking for the ideal candidate to match a job description and a company’s culture can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But finding the perfect candidate shouldn’t come down to luck!

Recruitment software enables greater accuracy and consistency, and this helps to improve the quality of hires because every candidate is kept on the radar. The software’s resume parsing tool enables recruiters to quickly identify and shortlist qualified candidates and quickly move on from those that don’t meet the job criteria. This means recruiters can promptly make more accurate and consistent hiring decisions.

Importantly, automating some of the matching process helps to remove sub-conscious bias, and this improves diversity.

Your Existing Talent Pool: Capitalize on Passive Candidates

Often when hiring for a position, a few talented candidates fail to make the cut. Therefore, it makes sense when recruiting for a similar position to consider re-visiting the resumes of past applicants. But all too often, candidate details get filed away, never to be seen again.

Recruitment software like Tracker offers an integrated ATS (applicant tracking software) and CRM (customer relationship management) solution. It enables recruiters to build an easily accessible database of candidates.

According to Staffing Hub’s most recent State of Staffing report, one of the most impactful sourcing channels for talent is from an existing proprietary database, ATS, or CRM. For example, Tracker’s advanced filtering and selection tools make it easy to re-engage with passive candidates for newly acquired roles.

When new jobs come in, recruiters can search the database for skills or qualifications to find potential candidates who have already shown an interest in similar roles. Tracker offers 80 filterable fields, full Boolean and Semantic search, and radius geo-coding, so you can always find candidates quickly.

Data-Driven Recruitment for Top-Performing Hires

Collecting and utilizing data to improve outcomes is the norm in almost all aspects of business, but the data goldmine in recruitment isn’t fully utilized. This is usually because complex data can be hard to analyze without the right tools. However, with recruitment software, analytics enables you to turn complex data into a simplified form so that you can use recruitment data to your advantage.

Staffind Industry Trends TrackerRMS

High quality of hire is the pinnacle of the recruitment game, and your recruitment data will provide essential insights. Recruiting software reporting offers the most up-to-date data about quality of hire and many other important metrics.

When you can pinpoint the characteristics of your top performers, you can use this knowledge to refine recruiting strategies and direct future hiring decisions to attract better candidates.

Are You Ready to Recruit Better Candidates Faster?

Imagine if less time could be spent on job posting, candidate matching, resume checking, shortlisting, follow-up emails, evaluating candidates’ profiles, arranging assessments and interviews, and rediscovering candidates already in your CRM.

A recruiting software solution can make all the difference in today’s tight job market. With Tracker, you can draw in high-calibre candidates and fill positions faster with finesse and confidence.

Why not get a demo of Tracker to get the answers to your recruiting software FAQs and see the benefits of Tracker’s integrated ATS, CRM and Automated Recruitment Software in action? Stay tuned for updates on our job writing feature!

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