How Texting Can Benefit Your Business

Over 8 trillion texts were sent in the last year. Of those 8 trillion texts, 95% of them were read within three minutes.  Knowing that this is arguably the most direct and efficient form of communication, more and more businesses are taking advantage of this simple yet effective tool and are finding groundbreaking ways to implement it into their business plan.

According to Morgan Stanley, 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. So, having the opportunity to communicate with clients and employees at any hour of the day, presents an opportunity for growth, relationship development and a better, more personal customer experience. Texting offers a more personal experience than social media or email does. It allows clients and employees alike to communicate more personally and directly, in turn creating a higher quality customer experience. Business owners and companies are constantly looking for ways to add value to their service or product and by adding a bit of personalization and making the customer’s experience more individualized; it encourages brand loyalty.

Texting not only creates a highly-personalized experience, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to answer on one’s own time.  Waiting on hold for copious amounts of time is inefficient and inconvenient for everyone.  With not having to schedule a call, or step out of work, texting allows users to quickly respond or read a quick reminder instead of scheduling time for something that can be quickly communicated. This quick form of communication is actually the preferred method of communication among millennials.

With millennials entering the job world and becoming a large percentage of the workforce, it is no doubt that they are having a large impact on the way that we conduct business. This is triggering businesses to rethink their traditional modes of marketing and communication.  Instead of looking at texting as isolating and impersonal, or something to be done off-the-clock, receiving a text has actually become quite the opposite, and is a very personal method of communication, especially to young texters.

Businesses are starting to implement texting in new, groundbreaking ways such as sending appointment reminders, tracking deliveries, payment reminders, offering coupon codes, and sending fraud alerts. Companies like Zipwhip have made texting from your existing landline with multiple clients a breeze with one easy source.  TrackerRMS has chosen Zipwhip as its exclusive texting provider. TrackerRMS is a leading cloud-based Staffing and Recruitment Software provider, supporting a wide range of companies from startups to enterprise level organizations. The integration will combine TrackerRMS’s expertise in recruiting solutions with Zipwhip’s market-leading web app to help businesses utilize customers’ preferred means of communication – texting.

TrackerRMS’s texting technology is available now. To schedule a demo, click here.

In addition to all of these potential uses, when it comes down to it, personal, efficient conversation makes the client’s experience that much more valuable. There is a reason 8 trillion texts are sent every year; it’s the most effective, convenient, direct, as well as personal, form of communication that would add value to any business looking to better engage with their audience.

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