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Hi! We’re Tracker.

Our mission is to help staffing and recruitment firms build better relationships through technology, strategy, and connection. And, we aren’t just talking about candidate and applicant relationships. We also enable better relationships and connection with their clients, their client prospects, their internal users, vendors and more.

We’ve been around for a while, but we hope you notice our new look and more robust recruiting platform… be sure to check out our latest features page as well as our insights blog for recruitment strategy tips and best practices!

But first, let us break down how Tracker solves your biggest business challenges by helping your recruiters, sales, marketing, operations and leadership teams build better relationships (and strategies).

1. Automate Mundane Tasks​

Automation is about letting your software do streamline standardized or bulk marketing, recruitment processes, sales nurturing, onboarding, and more.

Automation increases the productivity of your marketing, sales and delivery teams by automating repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails, contact or candidate status updates, onboarding communication sequences, marketing newsletters, and so on. And with our data driven decision logic, as soon as the information changes in Tracker, so can the route of your automation sequences.

  • Automate Email and Text Sequences for Typical Scenarios​
  • Create Workflows that Automatically Update Candidate and Contact Statuses and Data​
  • Use Technology (we call it Watchdogs) to Automatically Source and Nurture Candidates

How does automation increase placements and profits? ​

Automating mundane tasks, data entry, standard workflow and email sequences are activities that increase the productivity of your recruitment, sales and operations teams by automating the repetitive tasks that keep them from doing what they do best.​

Less time spent on routine and standard tasks, means more time closing deals.

2. Analytics

Analytics and Reporting is about offering actionable insight. Evaluate the outcomes of your recruitment, sales, and operations to see what’s working and what’s not and make changes to optimize those activities.​

We take the the output of Tracker every bit as seriously as the input and use of Tracker, because at the end of the day, the whole point of following processes and capturing information is only truly realized if you can extract key intelligence and monitoring metrics to review or improve your business. From custom Dashboards to Commission Reporting and KPIs, Tracker makes it easy to understand what’s going on with your business, and improve.

  • Build Monthly Dashboards to Quickly Review and Compare Outcomes & Pipelines​
  • Track the Source of Candidates & Applicants to Invest Wisely​
  • Generate Forecasts to Plan and Optimize​

How does it increase placements and profits? ​

These reports should provide useful information that your team can use to grow, including the most successful team-members, processes, sources, and strategies.​

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3. Mobile

Mobile Recruitment and Sales means always having your contacts, workflows, communications, and analytics in hand.​

The idea isn’t to encourage your staff to work 24/7. Rather, it’s to make it easy for them to view a resume or log calls right from their phones when at the airport, between meetings, or walking the dog. ​Most people in any industry these days spend time away from their desk and are equipped with a smart phone. So it only makes sense that you should be able to operate Tracker to its full extent regardless of where you are or the device you are using.

  • Immediately Log Notes and Trigger Sequences After a Meeting​
  • Stay Connected While Working from Home, Running Kids Carpool or Hitting the Gym​
  • Ensure User Adoption with Easier and More Convenient Connectivity ​

How does it increase placements and profits? ​

If your ATS is easy and convenient to use, it will get used more. And, for all the reasons we mention in this training webinar, utilizing an effective recruitment software will increase placements, and thus increase profits.​

4. Integrated Functions​

Integrated functionality and applications makes your recruitment software easier-to-use, cheaper, and more effective.​

When your recruitment, sales, operations and marketing can operate well out of your ATS or recruitment software, without having to buy and manage dozens of separate and semi-connected applications, your processes are inherently more effective and easier to use.

  • Streamline Processes by Operating in a Single System​
  • Cut Additional Fees and Expenses with an ATS that Includes More Integrated Functionality​
  • Ensure User Adoption with an Easier to Use and More Functional Platform​

How does it increase placements and profits? ​

​Bringing numerous job functions into one platform is, inherently, a productivity booster, saving time and increasing profitability.​

5. Support & Success​

Client Support and Success means having a software expert on your team.

There is a reason it’s called Software as a Service.  At Tracker, we take pride in our support team’s ability to understand your needs, help with questions and best practices, and assist when things go wrong. Remember, an ATS is only going to help your team if they know how to use it and optimize it.​

  • Receive Ongoing Training, Personal and Digital On-Demand ​
  • Access to Help Files, Tutorials and Best Practices​
  • Constant and Scheduled Development for a Platform and Tech that is Always Improving ​

How does it increase placements and profits? ​

Give your team the support they need to be successful, and let their hard work be more productive.​


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