How to Build Impactful Staffing Reports

Creating an effective staffing report is all about asking the right questions prior to building the report.  Having a goal in mind when it comes to running a report will no doubt lead to more clear, concise results, which will lead to better analysis.  Running impactful reports and using that information correctly can bring exceptional success for yourself as well as for your team.  The combination of the proper tools as well as asking the right questions will lead to the construction of more impactful reports.

Prior to running a report and asking yourself those important questions, it is just as, if not more important, to make sure that you have the proper tools to be building these effective reports.  In an effort to avoid reports that are lacking in real time results, inadequate customization options or any other things that would prevent you from reporting accurate information, it is important to first ask yourself if you are using the best reporting solution for your business. Go through this checklist to make sure that your solution is helping you reach your full potential:

  1. Can you customize the labels and categories within your report?
  2. Can you easily share reports?
  3. Can your software integrate and pull data from other sources?
  4. Do they report real-time data?

After analyzing your current set up and making sure you have the best tools to construct the best reports, you can now move on to constructing the report.

First, you want to understand why this report is being run in the first place and what kind of report you should be running. What information are you looking for? Is this report being run to solve a problem, or to search and quantify data and statistics?  Figure out which type of report will best organize and communicate the purpose of your data.

Next, you want to have a question that you are trying to answer. Specify your parameters as clearly as possible to guarantee the most relevant and precise results.  Understanding and implementing the different kinds of measurements to run a report are key to creating an impactful report.  If you are looking for a specific result you must take advantage of your software and understand the customization features that your software offers.  If you don’t ask a specific question when running the report, you may get bombarded with data that is either irrelevant or unorganized.  Use an efficient question to yield efficient results.

Finally, making sure your results are presented in an aesthetically pleasing way will make sure the data collected is effectively communicated. So many times, vital, important information is communicated in a way that doesn’t best display the result; so make sure you take advantage of your software customization options in order to best convey your data.

The combination of diverse and effective staff reporting tools and diverse customization options, alongside a list of goals and preparation going into building a report, are guaranteed to generate positive results and create success for you and your team. TrackerRMS offers reporting software that can be customized to your business needs. Schedule a demo today!

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