How to Get Your Digital Recruitment Strategy Ready for 2023

Rocket boost 2023 with a digital recruitment strategy that helps you solve current (and new) challenges… and do more with less.

The rollercoaster of recruiting and staffing over the last few years has taken many for an unexpected ride. As we look to the near and far future, there are growing concerns about a possible recession as well as continued unpredictability of economies and markets.

While it would be nice to control each twist and turn of that rollercoaster, the most you can do is be prepared and have a digital strategy in place that allows you to quickly shift and optimize when the unexpected occurs.

As the pandemic hit and remote work became the status quo, companies realized the importance of a sound digital strategy. So much so that 84% have implemented one compared to only 25% in 2019. So, we can easily see this has not only become necessary but also the new norm.

But why and what should be included in your digital recruitment strategy to stay ahead? Keep reading to find out. 👇

Why You Need a Digital Recruitment Strategy 

Apart from the general shift in accessibility and increased productivity through technology, the purpose of implementing a digital strategy is to work smarter, not harder.

A Formstack survey found that over half the managers surveyed spend an average of 8 hours per week on manual and repetitive tasks.

In addition to minimizing tedious task time through automation, a good digital recruitment strategy allows your recruiters, candidates and clients to work more efficiently together. Further, a digital platform allows your business to pivot faster and as needed, especially with the possibility of a recession and the uncertainty of future hiring initiatives.

According to a Staffing Hub article, “Amid this time of uncertainty, staffing firms should consider expediting their digital transformation strategies by implementing cloud-based collaboration, data-driven, and automation tools to meet their business needs.”

What You Need in Your Digital Recruitment Strategy

Your digital strategy should include a variety of necessary components, but the best technology is well-rounded, meant not only solve your current challenges but possible upcoming ones as well.

Component #1: An Accessible Platform

If you want to not only source efficiently, but work efficiently within your team as well as with your clients, it’s necessary to have technology that is accessible to everyone when they need it.

Limiting accessibility or increasing the number of access points only creates confusion and frustration. Using cloud-based software, such as Tracker, allows instant access wherever and whenever – for all involved parties, from clients to candidates to recruiters and beyond.

To be truly efficient, your digital platform should enable seamless integrations to truly embed your process with important tools like LinkedIn, email, job boards, and other vital recruiting resources. When you reduce the time you need for tasks, you increase the time you have to build relationships and better vet talent to ensure successful placements. And, also make more placements.

Component #2: Tech That’s Easy to Use

This one may seem obvious, but when deciding on the tech you want to implement for your business, you need one that is intuitive that your entire team can easily use and will want to use.

Not all recruitment software is created equal and not all recruitment software integrates well with other systems… or with the end users. Tracker has worked hard to develop an ATS and CRM that is not only easy to use but is intuitive to the recruitment process – your process.

Every user should have a great experience for a company’s tech and digital strategy to be effective. From your clients to your candidate experience, your tech needs to be seamless through their interactions while also working well for your team.

Component #3: Harnessing Data Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of implementing a digital strategy is the ability to track and analyze actionable data quickly. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and formulas. When you can get instant reports that analyze your specific KPIs and performance markers, you can quickly adjust and identify patterns to support your business.

Not only can harnessing technology allow you to make data-driven decisions based on successes, it also can support predictive analytics based on historical data points collected through your ATS. Time is money and candidates are more selective, being able to get ahead of your competition on the best candidates quickly is essential.

Check out this article on more benefits of data-driven recruitment.

“I don’t search job boards individually anymore as I do this alongside the candidates in the database. It is quick to search and use the system so it’s a real time saver.”Tracker User

Internal Benefits of a Digital Recruitment Strategy

Once you implement a digital recruitment strategy that includes an easy-to-use ATS/CRM like Tracker, you’re likely to start noticing some additional big benefits internally, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less time spent on manual and tedious tasks
  • More time focused on building strong relationships (with clients and candidates)
  • Decrease in overall operating costs (one system instead of many, less time wasted)
  • Larger reach of candidate pools
  • Simpler, more intuitive tracking and reporting to make quick decisions
  • Ability to work from anywhere, anytime
  • Increased employee satisfaction (everyone on the same system, with fewer disparate tools)

“As the marketing director for our firm, I am already seeing an increase in productivity and ease of use for implementing all strategies. The built-in campaign and sequencing are clutch for our prospecting. Data import and access to both client and candidate data online have been terrific. Chat support gets an A+ from our team. All support has been easily accessible and available for consult.”Betsy Rose L., Tracker User

Additional Resource on Digital Recruitment Strategy

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