How to Save Time with Recruitment Automation Technology

Replace time-takers with these time-makers by saving time with recruitment automation technology inside Tracker.

In the staffing and recruitment world, #timetakers are among the most challenging to overcome. Especially when you’re handling your recruitment data and tracking processes manually or with a combination of different apps and softwares that don’t always talk to each other and often cost you 3X of what an integrated system, like Tracker, costs.

In the recruiting and staffing world, the most impactful activity your recruiters spend time on is building strong relationships with your candidates and clients — not spending eight hours a week manually entering data and then four hours filtering to create a list of “potential candidates”.

And we’re not exaggerating how long some of these tedious tasks take. Let’s look at where recruiters spend most of their time:

  • On average, talent acquisition professionals spend about 13 hours sourcing candidates.
  • Data shows that recruiters spend an average of 23 hours of screening resumes per hire. 
  • Another study found that 55 percent of managers are spending eight hours — one full workday per week — on manual, repetitive tasks. 

At Tracker, we look at automation as a way to increase the productivity of your team by minimizing the admin work so recruiters have more time to do what they do best. Best of all, automation is build directly into Tracker, with no need to bolt on another costly software component.

Let’s take a look at the five top time derailing tasks that recruiters face… and how they can eliminate them through the support of technology and automation.

How to Automate Manual Processes

If you’re manually tracking candidates, or even just using a clunky or cumbersome ATS, this is likely your biggest time-taker. Technology doesn’t automatically mean efficiency and time saving. There is no shortage of recruitment CRMs and ATS systems available, so knowing how we compare is hugely important.

If you’re still manually tracking through Excel or even through an app, it’s time to upgrade. For obvious reasons, Excel is inefficient. Not only does it mean opening and updating, but there lies another challenge within this process: a lack of transparency within your team. Sure, you could be using a shared doc, but you’re still spending time updating with every touchpoint.

Most of you reading this article are using some form of Applicant Tracking Software. But, perhaps it is ineffective at optimizing your workflow. Or perhaps you have had to cobble together a complicated tech stack to meet your needs. Your tech stack runneth over, and so does your budget.

This is where automation comes in with the right technology. Automation with Tracker can support your process immensely through every step of the recruitment funnel. From automating workflows, sequences, matching, resume parsing, and more, your team can spend less time dealing with data and more time building relationships.

“The platform has automated various processes of our business and has made the team more effective in their respective roles,” says Steve of Presidio.

How to Source Faster with Automation

If you’re not sourcing effectively, the rest of the process will also be challenging. Spending time posting on individual job boards, websites, social media, and more can add up quickly. Not to mention the effectiveness of the job description to attract top talent.

Automating your sourcing using tech not only increases your candidate pool but also supports finding more qualified candidates to pull from. From search engine optimized postings to almost instant distribution to your website, thousands of job boards, and social media, you’re sure to stay ahead of your competitors in sourcing. These are all the features Tracker offers.

To take it a step further, Tracker has an unique, industry-leading sourcing feature called Watchdogs, which crawls the job boards 24/7 to source new, qualified candidates – even while your team is asleep.

“I don’t search job boards individually anymore as I do this alongside the candidates in the database. It is quick to search and use the system so it’s a real time saver.”Tracker User

Screening Applicants with Automation, AI & Video

Screening applicants and scheduling interviews are likely some of your team’s most tedious and frustrating of tasks (after sourcing). From no-shows and rescheduling to capturing resume and skill data in a usable format, it can take a lot of time to process applicants. Multiply that by the number of applicants (and jobs) a recruiter has in pipeline, and you’re looking at a lot of time-takers.

Technology has become an important asset for saving time when it comes to screening. And Tracker has developed features that not only save time but also offer something everyone wants: convenience.

Offering convenience through technology in the form of video resumes and interviews has been a game-changer for recruiters, candidates, and clients. The beauty in this feature is that recruiters and clients can determine the questions and send them to all potential candidates they want to screen, in bulk and automatically via sequence.

In addition, specific features like AI ranking, smart skills profiling, automated resume parsing, etc allow recruiters more time to focus on getting to know the candidates personally rather than the tasks.

Automatically Discover and Update Data

Data should be one of your biggest assets.  This may sound like a fairytale to you right now, especially if you’re manually tracking your data or have recruiters using a combination of different apps or programs. When you have missing or incorrect data, how can you (or the system) make informed matches and outreach? Without a ton of manual effort.

Using an automated applicant tracking system allows for clean and organized data right at your fingertips. It also means no missing data as it can pull from a variety of sources, so you and your team have the most complete candidate profile to work from and report on.   

Through Tracker’s automation, you can not only keep your data clean, but update it easily through web forms, surveys, and other features. 

Rocketboost Activity with Workflow & Communication Automations

Ask any candidate and you’re likely to hear that they don’t receive enough or any communication during the recruitment process, especially if they aren’t qualified to move on.

A G2 survey found that 52% of candidates don’t receive any communication in the two to three (or more) months after applying, yet, job applicants who do not receive a job offer are 80% more likely to apply again if they already had a positive candidate experience.

So, communication is important for the candidate’s experience and for keeping those who are qualified engaged and not jumping ship for a competitor.

Typically, communication gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list with good intentions, but poor follow-through. In reality, it’s not a time waster, but rather collateral damage due to lack of time to complete because of those pesky time-takers we mentioned above.

So how do you make time for consistent communication? You use a CRM with automation. Bonus points if it is actually integrated with your ATS (like Tracker’s).

We designed and built a CRM platform within our ATS meaning the best of both systems and a much better user experience. Not only can you customize sequences and send out in bulk or individually, but you can also select when to push communication out based on specific triggers you identify. We call it a win-win because your recruiters create a positive candidate experience with consistent communication and candidates get what they want – timely information! Don’t worry, you can still personalize everything, but now you don’t have to do it all individually.

It’s Time for Tracker Automation

If you’re tired of tasks stealing time from your recruiters and business, it’s time to call Tracker and schedule a free demo of our truly combined ATS, CRM and Automation Platform. Our software is designed specifically to build better relationships while saving you time and money.

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