How to Solve the Top 4 Staffing Struggles

From productivity to candidate sourcing to actionable analytics, here are the top struggles our staffing and recruiting agency clients are solving with Tracker.

With a senior team that hails from decades in the staffing and recruitment industry, Tracker is built around solving your most headache inducing struggles and #timetaking challenges. Here are ways that a robust and integrated recruitment software (like Tracker) can solve not only your seasonal struggles but also your greatest business challenges to productivity and growth.

Here we will cover how we use technology to enhance productivity, build efficiencies, and most importantly, build better and stronger relationships within your team as well as with candidates and clients.

“We can track the sales cycle from the lead through the placement to the invoice on the client side, and the candidates from application through placement on the talent side. The automations and processes save us time and energy. The pricing saves us money, compared to the larger CRM applications.” Meri Frahm, Operations Manager at Talimer

1. Attracting Candidates to Your Jobs

If you are in the staffing and recruiting industry (heck if you are in any industry right now), this is a challenge you face. In a 99.9% digital world, page rankings and a large digital net are necessary to bring in the most qualified candidates who are online.

According to a Staffing Hub State of Staffing survey, nearly half of respondents (46%) plan to look for their next job on job boards.

And with more open jobs than jobless people right now, candidates have the upper hand and advantage to finding the job they want. And recruiters need to be fast and effective to cut through the competitors to be visible first. And when it comes to digital visibility, there is a lot of competition for your target candidates’ attention.

Here are some ways that Tracker makes your jobs more discoverable to candidates:

Wasting Time (and Money)

Time is money. And, when you have a team who is paid on commissions, it’s vital they are successful for both the organization and themselves. But oftentimes recruiters are too busy with data entry and tedious tasks that they can’t find the time to build the right relationships and get qualified placements.

Manual tasks take too much time, which costs your entire business money… and loses it at the same time.

This struggle is common, and while the recruiting industry is seeing incredible growth, if you’re not providing the best tools and resources for your recruiters to be successful, you’ll end up needing to source candidates for your own team.

With an end-to-end ATS and CRM, you are empowered to streamline your team’s tasks and eliminating the unending hours of data entry. Recruiters can complete every task of your process in one place, from sourcing candidates to placement and timesheets. And, by the way, with Tracker you don’t have to break out your bull, er, piggy bank.

All of our features are built with both cost and time efficiencies in mind. But we also took it a step further with our CRM to help you build better relationships with candidates and clients. Not only can you save time (and money), you can grow.

And according to the Staffing Hub report, 78.6% of respondents expect their agencies to grow by 11% or more in 2022. That’s up from 69.6% last year.

At Tracker, we help growing staffing and recruiting firms save hours and place candidates quicker in one easy-to-use platform so they can double revenue and cut operational costs in half.

Sourcing Qualified Candidates

There’s a multitude of factors affecting the candidate pool from which to source. The pandemic shed light on challenges and opened up new opportunities for candidates, including remote work.

Based on Glassdoor data, 20.4 percent of employers hiring locally in October 2021 are competing against remote jobs, up almost double from 10.3 percent in October 2019.

The shift in the employer to candidate-driven market has made sourcing qualified candidates feel almost impossible, especially considering the most qualified candidates may only be on the market for 10 days.

Unable to source good candidates means pressure from clients and possibly lost business making this a severe and acute pain point for many recruiters and staffing firms.

Empower Sourcing with Tracker

Tracker has a two-pronged approach to sourcing candidates. Automation allows for consistent and effortless communication with candidates for job alerts, nurturing, and more. This engagement ensures the relationship progresses and allows for faster placement.

In addition, Tracker can seek (and engage) new candidates automatically with watchdogs and auto match functionality. While recruiters are having calls and building relationships, Tracker is scanning for qualified candidates throughout the internet based on your criteria… and automatically engaging with them based on your specific criteria.

Using Tracker to automate tasks and admin also allows recruiters more time to seek out candidates strategically.

“We are able to reach out to clients, prospective clients, and candidates much easier fashion, with higher touchpoints and better results. The data and KPIs in Tracker are also fantastic.”- Eric E.

In Summary

If you’re experiencing these or other challenges in your recruiting and staffing processes, it’s time to connect with us and get a free consultation of our industry-leading ATS. Save time (and money), and place more candidates with Tracker.

Cancel Challenges and Do More with Tracker

See how we help growing staffing and recruiting firms save hours and place candidates quicker in one platform so they can double revenue and cut operational costs in half.

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