How to Stay Engaged With Candidates in Your Database

With so many modes of communication now available to staffing firms, many recruiters struggle to know how they should spend most of their time and energy. Staying engaged with candidates in your database is an ongoing process, requiring you to tweak your approach as major changes and developments occur in the staffing industry. Fortunately, keeping your team informed of the most useful and current communications practices can help your staffing firm stay on track for a successful 2019.

Here are three practices that promote engagement and lead generation with candidates in your database:

Respond in a timely manner.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in engaging candidates is waiting too long to respond to them. Millennials and Generation Zer’s expect quick, rapid responses, especially when they pursue communication with a staffing firm through social media channels. Having workers on your team who are specifically responsible for responding promptly to social media inquiries is important for getting candidates to the application stage. If your team is too busy to respond to candidates right away, consider investing in a text messaging service that provides instant feedback to questions or inquiries that come through your website or social media pages.

Keep your social media channels current.

With the majority of candidates searching for jobs through social media, you can’t afford not to have an active social media presence on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These sites serve as useful platforms for engaging with key candidates, as individuals can be easily identified based on their skills and professional interests. Maintaining your staffing firm’s social media profiles will keep your current network engaged, while attracting new prospects to your pages. Some ideas for social media content may include posting industry news and your latest job openings.

Invest in video marketing.

As one of the hottest trends in marketing, creating videos (even low-budget ones) is proving to be a very effective engagement tactic for all types of staffing firms. To be engaging, videos do not necessarily need to be intricately done with a high-level production team. Having your recruiters do some simple video updates in which they share job search tips or workforce trends can be a powerful way to engage your audience and draw top-notch candidates to your job portal. A video can also be one of the easiest ways to get new traffic to your website, while reaching hundreds and even thousands of viewers. Even doing just one video per week can dramatically improve traffic to your online channels.

Your ability to effectively engage candidates in your database is essential for maintaining an active pipeline of leads and referrals for your jobs. Finding the practices and platforms that work best for you is the first step toward more effective engagement.

Are you lacking engagement with candidates?

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