Is Your Reporting Getting the Job Done?

In order to understand fully the impact that your employees make, the potential success of your business and areas of growth concerning your business, it is necessary to ensure that you are not only running reports regularly, but making sure they are accurate and contain pertinent and important information.  Having a CRM software or a recruiting software that accurately and regularly reports information pertaining to your business will show you what areas could use improvement as well as identify your company’s strength and weaknesses. The ultimate reporting solution should do a variety of things but most of all it should enhance your business model and help you to make important decisions concerning the success of your business.  We’ve broken it down into five categories for which services your reporting software should provide including; customization, access, presentation, versatility, and ease of use. In evaluating these five categories, hopefully it will help you make a better decision as to whether your current software is getting the job done.

1. Customization

Having the freedom to customize your reporting system is vital to the success of your company.  Making sure you can build customized templates for reporting will guarantee that you get the most accurate details and information that you are searching for. Making sure there is an option to compare multiple data sets in the same report with making analyzing the data all the easier. Also, making sure that you can set up your own parameters to build reporting systems as well as attach labels is vital to keeping your reports organized and easy to reference should you need to revisit them.

2. Access

The next thing that you must make sure is that your ATS software has is access to share.  Making your reports shareable with the right people is essential, and as a result they can improve job performance and make meaningful improvements within their team or department.  Making sure that managers and the leaders within your company have access and can run their own reports will also make for more well rounded reporting.

3. Presentation

Next is presentation.  Making sure that your reports are presentable, easy to follow and depict information in a pleasing, visual way will make them more enjoyable to read.  Data reports can be long, monotonous, and oftentimes boring, but if you have the option to make them more pleasing to the eye, data can actually be fun!  Also making sure that there’s an option to add a visual element will help make your report creating process more enjoyable and easy to follow.

4. Versatility

Next is versatility.  You want to make sure that your online recruitment software can break down data and can accommodate any report or problem that may arise. Ask yourself if it is comprehensive and does it allow you the capabilities to report on whatever you need to report on? Also ask yourself if it stays up to date, and if it can produce data in real time. This will make your analytics and reports as accurate as possible.

5. Easy to Use

Finally, and arguably most importantly, how easy is to use?  Make sure your software runs reports in a timely manner, instant accessibility is key and make sure that it is easy to navigate. If some issue does arise, does your software company have helpful customer support?

Keeping in mind all of these things when evaluating your reporting software is key to the success of your business, employees and candidates.  TrackerRMS offers a software solution that incorporates all of these and more! Call now to schedule a demo today!

CEO of Tracker for over 12 years with an overall 25+ years in business process, IT strategy, and management

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