Our clients have always told us that support matters, which is why we’ve focused on it from day one.  That’s reflected in our culture, and in our recent CSAT and Implementation scores ranked by our clients (not that we’re bragging or anything).


Customer Service/CSAT
Implementation Score

What our clients say…

I've only been using TrackerRMS since 2017 but I love it so far. All the features certainly makes my job much easier now. 5 Star Customer Support & Ease Of Use.

Kisa Kearny National Account Manager - Staffing Headquarters

There are some great reporting tools to help managers keep track of KPIs - again, flexibility here far exceeds many of the competitors in the market.

Sam ChappellDirector – Shirley Parsons

TrackerRMS is very versatile and user friendly! I like the tracking and reporting versatility and the ability to customize fields. Customer support is very knowledgeable.

Tracy BlaggSourcing Specialist - Top Source Talent

Tracker has simplified my day to day business overnight. Matching is simple and quick and I am able to turn CV’s around so much more efficiently.

Gary DubellOwner - Talent Staffing

From the moment that I saw TrackerRMS, I was instantly struck by how robust it felt, how easy it was to navigate and how simple it was to tailor to my needs.

Richard JohnsonPresident – R Johnson Corp.

I LOVE how great customer service, David Alonso and our Rep Taylor are in accommodating our training and customization needs.

Kelly KetteringDirector Of Operations - Tal Healthcare

Great customer service and responsiveness. If you need a system that can be easily customized to your needs-this is it.

Beth ReitlerOperations Director at Temp 2 Higher

Great system, great support. TrackerRMS has been fabulous to deal with. Calm, knowledgeable, patient, with great client focus. Very happy with the sales & CRM module.

David Rempel Partner at Lincoln Strategic Inc

Great customer service, easy to navigate. You can add features yourself vs waiting for the company administrator to make them for you. Good reporting features.

Denise ChaffinManaging Director - Top Source Talent

Ease of use...very intuitive. TrackerRMS is a one stop shop so that you can use as a CRM and ATS. Great tool for any size company. I would highly recommend.

Paul DockeryVice President Of Operations - IntellecTechs, Inc

Love the tool, user interface, customer support. Ability to customize settings, simple easy to use UI and small company feel when I need support.

Paul DouglasOwner/President - JPI Group

Meet our team of Trackers

 This team of passionate Trackers will do all they can to support your business success.

David Alonso

CEO of TrackerRMS, David Alonso always dreamt of living in the sunshine and moved to San Diego from London to escape the rain and the tube in 2013.

Passionate about building a team of Trackers with shared values and creating a culture to help them succeed whilst committing to mission and metrics.

Previous experience of owning a recruitment business led to a desire to start a recruitment software company that was designed for small and medium size recruitment companies focusing on product quality and strong customer relationships.

In addition to being a full time Tracker addict, David is constantly driving his family crazy buying gadgets to facilitate his attempts to be more outdoorsy and failing whilst moaning about his beloved soccer team.

Andy Jones

My drive in life is all about progression. I love to visit new countries, visit new places and try new things, and at work I apply this passion in harnessing new and exciting technology to solving problems.

Tracker and SaaS software as a whole provides me with an ideal way to achieve this as I can work almost anywhere in designing cool new features – and make them happen!

Martyn Christian

Making a difference in business and for clients and companies I work with and invest in around the world is an important part of who I am but the most important part is my family and especially providing an educational platform and insights into social and business role models for my twin daughters Amelia and Isabella (22). In the current climate I believe it’s really important to understand the value of hard work in a globlizing economy. My wife Debbie and I have made a very serious commitment in the last 5 years to help give our daughters insights into the affect of globalization on different cultures and socio-economic models. Born and raised in California they are studying Global Communications in Paris and have visited countries as geographically and culturally diverse as Peru, Cambodia, Japan, Denmark and Australia.

When not busy with work and family I have rekindled my passion for football (soccer) in the last 10 years. I played every day for hours when young and growing up in South London and then didn’t kick a ball for nearly 30 years. Now I play every week with a bunch of similarly middle age guys (and girls), we are careful not to injure each other with ferocious tackling and in our heads we are all our own version of David Beckham or Lionel Messi! Soccer and a generous helping of yoga and stretch classes keep me (somewhat) fit and sane.

Nita Patel

When not hustling at work, Nita has a real zeal for fashion and loves being creative. Her entrepreneurship among other roles led her to owning her own Hair Salon & Day Spa for nine years while pursuing her career as a Marketer.

She is a health nut and fills her time with hot yoga, reformer Pilates, barre, personal training and eating healthy organic foods with her family and friends.

Taylor Dorton

Taylor Dorton was born and raised in Portland, Oregon moving his family to San Diego in 2012 to escape the rain and cold. With over 10 years of experience in technology and recruiting, TrackerRMS is a perfect blend of Taylor’s skill set and experience.

Taylor is passionate about helping small and medium size recruitment companies navigate the implementation process that can seem scary and overwhelming. The thrill of fixing a problem or coming up with a new creative way to drive results is what keeps Taylor motivated every day. Client relationships are a core part of what makes every day at the office fun.

When not in full Tracker mode, Taylor spends his time with all things sports, outdoors, food and beer ( because Portland is his blood of course).

Jacob Rudman

Jacob Rudman grew up on the east coast in Rochester, NY before needing to get away from the cold and snow. He finished Undergrad at the University of San Diego and joined Tracker not long after.

Passionate about understanding how recruiting and staffing firms work to see if and how there can be ways for TrackerRMS to help improve processes and efficiencies to make more money.

Jacob has essentially grown up within Tracker as he joined Tracker as his first job upon graduation, he has learned and experience every sales role there is at Tracker and knows the ins and outs of the database to make sure our clients get the full understanding of all the benefits before signing on.

Outside of the Tracker world Jacob tries to travel as much as he can to experience new things both close and far. He is always looking for the next opportunity to go somewhere new, while roaming around San Diego with his dog, Marley.

Kristyn Ferguson

Kristyn graduated from San Diego State University and is the newest member of our Tracker team. She was born and raised in Laguna Beach and naturally couldn’t leave sunny Southern California due to her love of the beach.

Kristyn has an intense passion for traveling. Her love for traveling sparked when she went to Tanzania in high school and fully bloomed while studying abroad in Florence, Italy for 5 months. She hopes to visit Asia next.

When Kristyn is not traveling, she is playing with her pet Pug named Pancake. Her and Pancake do everything together and some may call her a crazy dog mom.

Michelle Crisp

I am a southern California native; I am too much in love with sunshine to ever leave! My favorite thing to do in my free time takes advantage of this sunshine abundance: gardening. My green thumb has turned my bright, San Diego apartment into a small rainforest.

I am glad to know my roommate enjoys the space as much as I do! When I am not tending to my plant babies, I am practicing yoga, rock climbing, adventuring outdoors, or creating healthy snack experiments in my kitchen.

Courtney Harchak

A New York native has found a home at Tracker in San Diego. Courtney has a real passion for crocheting, doesn’t matter if its hats, scarves or hanging planters she just loves to create.

Another thing Courtney loves is her Chihuahua Momo. They spend a lot of time together walking the neighborhood and napping.

Louise Holt

I am one of the first Trackers having been there at the very beginning of TrackerRMS.

Always aligning to the core values of the company and its brand and passionate from day one to now in seeing Tracker ‘Evolve’. Louise has built excellent relationships with our customers, many of which have been with her for over ten years.

Previous experience in Recruitment, alongside our CEO, David Alonso, led to the move to TrackerRMS. Having seen the software in action, there was no hesitation in joining the Tracker team having witnessed the drive and determination of both David and Andy in setting it up.

Louise is kept busy with her two teenage children and their sports. Not forgetting Buster, the Dog, who is always by her side in the office!

Dave Martin

I'm passionate about technology and software development, and pathologically incapable of turning down a challenge. When I'm not tethered to a keyboard, I enjoy unashamed tourism in the major cities of Europe.

Fiona Page

Numbers and people are my main interests and as well as my work with TrackerRMS. I am a carer for my eldest daughter and numerous pets including dogs, cats, fish and a hamster. I enjoy accounting at a forensic level but mainly spending time with family and friends and have an ambition to travel more in the future.

Simone Gillberg

Simone just recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is newest member of the Tracker team! Being born and raised just south of Encinitas, Simone is a San Diego native at heart and can’t picture a better place to be.

In her free time she loves to be outdoors staying active and hanging with family and friends. Whether it is going to the beach, running, doing yoga, or just visiting her local farmers market she loves to be outside and take advantage of San Diego’s awesome weather. Simone is excited be on board with the Tracker team as they grow and make huge strides to success this year.

Greg Curtis

Being raised, for the most part, in Laguna Beach, Greg quickly acquired a love and taste for the outdoors and adventurism. On the weekends you’ll most likely find him on the bright and shiny coasts of Southern California, or in the beautiful green and snow-capped Sierras.

Although he possesses an undying love for nature, Greg ironically began his career in software sales at an age younger than most. When he turned nineteen, he immediately joined the sales team at Ebsta, a UK based software company that specializes in Salesforce integrations. He spent just over two years with their inside sales team where he introduced clients to the benefits of keeping Salesforce and CRM data clean and up to date.

After taking a brief hiatus to learn the songs and dances of various dance forms such as the Salsa, Tango, and Waltz, Greg joined TrackerRMS. Relatively new to the recruitment industry, he was conveniently able to take what he learned about client relationships while working at Ebsta to his newfound home.

During his free time, Greg can be found in a hammock on the beach, reading the works of Friedrich Nietzsch, or even indoors attempting to learn a new instrument such as piano or guitar. The only time Greg sits still is when he is bettering the partnerships of TrackerRMS and helping the teams of its partners crush their growth goals.

Rylie Kirby

Rylie is our intern here at Tracker!

Rylie grew up in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and decided to stay close to home in Southern California so she could spend time with her family and her white Labrador Retriever Lana. She now lives in Pacific Beach and plans to stay by the ocean for as long as she can.

Rylie is currently a senior at San Diego State University, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. She is excited to grow her experience in marketing and is having so much fun doing so at Tracker.

In her free time, she loves to go to music festivals, find new places to eat, and walk to the beach to watch sunset with her friends. She also enjoys traveling the world with her boyfriend, and her dream vacation is to visit Rome. Rylie has a passion for art history and is excited to see all of the beautiful and ancient architecture all around the world!

Whether you are looking for a new staffing software solution or simply have a quick question, our team of Trackers are always happy to hear from you.

If you would like us to contact you, please fill out the form on our contact page and we will call you right back.

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