Missed Candidate Connections

Let’s take a look at some of the more common missed candidate connections and how tech can help find the perfect match.

As a recruiter, have you ever experienced a missed candidate connection?

You know, where you maybe have the perfect candidate for a job, but didn’t realize it at the time?

Possibly because you didn’t have the information you needed to uncover them? Maybe because you didn’t have their updated profile of skills? Or possibly because you weren’t able to locate them because you didn’t have the right tech to support your recruitment process?

It’s happened to the best, but it doesn’t have to happen anymore with the advancements in technology. In fact, it’s becoming the standard to use tech to support staffing and recruitment to stay on top or even surpass the competition.

And with technology, speed is the name of the game. It’s not that you and your recruitment team can’t do the tasks, but those tasks take up a lot of time during the day.

So, it’s not a question of can/can’t, but rather should/shouldn’t. Technology and software (like Tracker) have been developed to take those tedious tasks off your table. Streamlining your processes and tools allows you to focus on the more important part of recruitment – building relationships for better placements; so you don’t have missed connections with candidates.

“78% of companies using an ATS say recruitment tech makes hiring easier than ever,” according to statistics from G2.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common missed candidate connections and how tech can help find the perfect match.

Missed Sourcing & Matching Connections


Watchdogs allow recruiters to configure a sophisticated search in their Job, and with 2 clicks can tell Tracker to watch each of their job boards to capture any new candidate that may appear, automatically.

On top of this, Watchdogs offer Auto-Parse and Auto-Engage which are game-changers for recruiters! Put simply, your open Jobs can crawl the job boards every night to find new Candidates, process them and automatically send them a personalized email from the recruiter requesting a call back first thing in the morning.

Auto Match

Never miss another connection with a stellar candidate by constantly matching new Candidates to your open jobs whenever or wherever they come from.

By performing a reverse search, we can compare the resumes of all new Candidates against the search criteria defined on open jobs and alert Consultants that they may be suitable for their role automatically.

AI Ranking

Combined with our AI Ranking and extensive Skills Profiling features, you’ll not only find more qualified candidates quicker, you’ll find more time on your hands to nurture the candidate experience and your client relationships.

Tracker’s AI Ranking constantly learns from the ongoing engagement with each individual during their life in Tracker and applies this in tandem with resume ranking to ensure the best candidates are presented each and every time.


Additionally, with Tracker’s robust search and filters, recruiters are empowered to segment and hone in on a highly precise list of potential candidates for your open positions, in only a few clicks. Beginning with Tracker’s automated Resume Parsing, you can instantly create candidate profiles and then then hone in on the specific skills, certifications, education, and much more using our Candidate Search 

So with Job Board Post Applicants, Job Board Search, Watchdogs, Website Applications and Auto Match as standard in Tracker, you will never miss a Candidate again, achieving maximum chance of success.

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Missed Connections with Applicants

One of the biggest missed connections in recruitment is the failure to keep an open line of communication. Candidates want to hear from you and know where you are in the process. You know what else they want? Feedback if they didn’t get the position.

“Talents are 4x more likely to consider a company for a future opportunity when a company offers feedback,” according to statistics from LinkedIn.

Whether you’re in the selection process, interviewing, onboarding, or even post-hire, communication is key to any relationship.

The best way to avoid this missed connection (at every stage) with your candidates is to utilize a CRM. Tracker offers one platform that houses both an ATS and CRM to use all collected data to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

And this doesn’t have to take up more of your time. In fact, it will reduce your time. With Tracker’s automation and communications capabilities, recruiters can easily create customized templates, send bulk communications, create automated sequences and workflows, plus way more.

Missed Interview Connections

Interviews are a wonderful opportunity to connect and get to know one another in a relationship. But more often than not because of scheduling conflicts and other challenges, these candidates become missed connections or frustrating fiascos.

Remote and mobile work are here to stay in some form. It’s time to stop missing connections and start adapting through the use of technology like video interviewing. Whether both candidate and interviewer are able to connect at the same time or not, video interviews allow for the one thing everyone wants: convenience.

No more scheduling conflicts, no-shows, or wasted time. Video interviews allow candidates to submit video interviews in their own time, on any device, and upload directly for you and your clients to instantly review.

Missed Internal Connections

While we’ve mostly focused on candidate missed connections, let’s not overlook the often internal missed connections within your recruitment teams. Between ever-changing working situations such as remote, in-person, or a mix of both, to every team member having their own “system,” it’s easy to get lost in translation in these relationships and get off track.

Tracker’s ATS software was designed to benefit all parties in the recruitment process, including internal team, clients, and candidates. Our one-platform, single access software allows for uniform workflows that support collaboration and remove duplicate efforts.

Your team members can quickly share with others their individual task boards if they are out or need assistance and can create their own personalized views, reports, and tasks to fit their style without compromising your global candidate data.

Avoiding Missed Candidate Connections with Tracker

Using an all-in-one recruitment platform, like Tracker, will assure you don’t miss out on any more connections with your candidates, clients, and colleagues. See for yourself by contacting us for a free demo and experience what our unique and industry-leading features can do for you and your team.

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