Get Invoices Paid up to 3x Faster with PayNow

Start saving money on payment processing with our preferred competitive rates for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express provided exclusively through PayNow powered by Stax.

Waiting for invoices to be paid is bad for business. 


Unpaid invoices slow down cash flow and can waste valuable time while you chase them up.  With PayNow – the online invoice payments from Tracker, it’s easier for your customers to pay you.


PayNow is simple to setup, simple to use and simple for clients to pay you immediately.  We walk you through a straight-forward merchant onboarding process and that’s it, you can then add “Pay Now” buttons to your Tracker invoices and start collecting payments right away.


And with our competitive rates, your customers will pay less in fees and can choose from a variety of payment methods.


All-in-One Payments Solution

Save time and focus on growing your business with an intuitive and powerful all-in-one payments platform.

Payment Analytics

Through Tracker Payments, gain access to data-driven tools that are proven to ignite growth, including full payment/transaction history and reconciliation reporting.

Payment Consolidation

Quickly and easily reconcile your customer payments while reducing payment delays with scheduled payments.

Get Started Today

Experience the simplicity, reliability, and security of PayNow today. Get started now to streamline your payments process and boost your cash flow.


PayNow Frequently Asked Questions

Why process invoice payments with PayNow powered by Stax?

  • Get paid up to three times faster.
  • Complete your email invoice with online payment links so payments can happen in a click.
  • Completed payments automatically upload to client billing history.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for manual reconciliation and potential errors versus manually updating client payments or importing from 3rd party providers.

What are payment links?

  • Payment links are direct links to your invoice that can be sent via email, text, or even QR code.
  • These links save you time searching for your latest invoice, and provide you the freedom to pay your invoice when it best fits in your schedule.
  • Allowing customers to pay directly from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

How does pricing compare to what we’re using today to process electronic payments?

  • Much lower cost than Square (3.3%) Stripe (2.9%) PayPal or Quickbooks (2.99%).
  • Tracker Payments 2.8% and $.20 per transaction saves your firm money.

How long does it take to receive funds?

  • All major card types fund in 2 business days.
  • No more waiting an extra 1-2 days for American Express batches.

What about an alternative for firms whose average invoice runs in the thousands and more?

  • ACH/eCheck is a lower cost option to offering credit card payments and your firm can still speed up receivables while controlling costs of ACH.

What type of support can I expect?

  • Hands-on assistance for new account activation
  • The support of two expert teams, Stax Payments and TrackerRMS, working together to address questions quickly so you can focus on running your firm.