Personalizing the Candidate Experience with Technology

Personalizing the candidate experience with technology means saving time so you can better use that time saved to enhance and nurture a great candidate experience and ensure a successful placement.

It’s a fact. Using (the right) technology in your recruitment and candidate nurturing processes saves time. Especially with those tedious tasks that take up way more time than they should, but are necessary.

But, it’s not only about the time saved. It is also about what you and your team do with that saved time. You can create some amazing win-win scenarios when you pair up technology with better candidate nurturing.

With that, we’re going to share how you can better use that time saved to enhance and nurture a great candidate experience, and ensure a successful placement.

Use Data & Tech to Your Advantage

Using an ATS significantly reduces your time to hire because tech like Tracker can source candidates, even while you sleep! Instead of spending hours each week searching yourself and sourcing, tech can take over that role with your specifications.

When your best candidates are off the market within 10 days, time is of the essence to build a talent pool and reduce time to hire.

Collecting that data is only the first step.

You need to understand your purpose with that data in order to enhance your candidate engagement process.

An ATS should be your hub for sourcing and analyzing candidate data, including:

In our tech-driven world, there’s more opportunity than ever now to data mine and develop a better picture of your candidate.

A Monster survey found 65% of people would want to hear about a new job opportunity through social media, while a Glassdoor report states that 79% of job seekers use social media to conduct job searches.


Use Tech, But Keep it Personal

Candidates catch on. Because technology is often used, candidates can sense when automation and canned responses are being used.

The best use of your saved time using tech and automation, is to spend it on personalizing and developing the candidate experience. Now, this isn’t to say you can’t use tech, and we still highly recommend it, but gaining insights and a better picture of your candidates can help you craft communications in a way they will respond and engage with.

A CRM, like the one built-in to our Tracker ATS, allows just this. Personalized communication capabilities along with time-saving efficiencies should be built in to your recruitment tool.

Want to know what communication techniques and insights candidates value most in the process?

According to a Talentegy candidate experience report:
  • When applying, job seekers find these things most valuable during the application process:
    • An understanding of how-to follow-up on an application (94.9%)
    • The ability to find information on culture and benefits (93.5%)
    • Clear instructions on how to get help (85.1%)
    • Employee testimonials (73.6%)
    • Video content about the job or company (54.6%)
    • The use of a chatbot or chat capability (25.9%)
TECH TIP: You need to take the time to personalize and show candidates their value if you want to get their attention. With data, automation, and time-makers, you can accomplish this at scale.


We’re not only talking about the overall experience, but also your fields in your ATS to better manage your candidates for faster search and match capabilities.

Especially when it comes to those unique, soft skills you’ve picked up from past interviews, skills assessments, and communications.

Custom fields in your Candidate Search take your profiles from proficient to invaluable when trying to find the best candidates fast. Tracker offers over 80 filters plus unlimited custom filters that you can create based on the person or the job.



The candidate experience doesn’t end with a hire and neither should your personalization and communication with them. To create the best candidate experience (and garner valuable referrals), follow-through in the post-placement process is essential.

A great ATS supports all facets of the recruitment process, including onboarding, candidate redeployment, and beyond.

Remaining consistent and personal throughout the whole process, from branding and personalization to transparency and timeliness, will have a tremendous impact on your candidate satisfaction. All of this helps determine how fast and successful your candidate placements are.

Technology and automation will help facilitate better and more consistent candidate communications (among other things).  But, you still have to use that saved time effectively, and provide the human touch necessary to nurture relationships and enhance their experience. Automate what you can, and let your recruiters do what humans do best.

According to a CareerPlug survey, 58% of job seekers said they’ve declined a job offer because of a poor experience with a potential employer during the hiring process.

What Does Effective Follow-Through Look Like?
  • Consistent branding throughout the entire recruitment funnel
  • Continued and effective communication through the whole process
  • Integrated follow-up surveys to enhance your processes and show you value the candidates’ experience

Tracker Empower the Human Touch through Technology

To us, technology is not meant to replace the human experience, but enhance it. Tracker enables you to enhance your candidate experiences, through better data, better customization, better communication, and better time-management. If, no, when you use tech, you should ensure it can deliver everything you need for you, your candidates, your clients, and your users.

Tracker engineers software with relationships in focus. From automating everyday essential tasks to providing you real-time analysis, our one-site platform allows you to spend your saved time on what matters most: building better relationships for the best placements. For a free demo of our industry-leading platform, connect with us today.

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