Recruiting with a 360° Applicant Tracking System

It’s time to ditch the marketplace of add-ons and extras, and start recruiting with a 360° Applicant Tracking System that supports your entire business.

An effective ATS doesn’t only work during the applicant tracking process, but before and after as well.

As a leading recruitment software developer, Tracker has always focused on every step of the recruitment process by developing effective and efficient features. This means being able to bring candidates in first, then track them as well as match them to jobs, and finally, to re-engage and follow-up for future opportunities.


We believe you core business and recruitment activities should be able to be done in one system, not many. With Tracker, you can forget add-ons and additional apps, while still enjoining a connected platform and Zapier API integration for those apps you really love.

Tracker uses a cloud-based one system platform for fast and easy accessibility without hassles of bugs or tech that doesn’t talk to each other.

How important is an ATS? Check out these stats on who’s already using an ATS:

  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies 
  • 66% of large companies 
  • 35% (and growing) of small organizations 
  • Almost 100% of talent agencies/recruiters 


Adopting the right ATS will help your business compete in today’s market, find better talent faster, and save an immense amount of time.

So, let’s focus on how that time can be saved within your 360° recruitment and business cycle.


1. Sourcing

You Can’t Track What You Don’t Have . . . Candidates.

Whether you currently use an ATS or not, there’s no tracking without first sourcing and making your jobs discoverable to candidates.

A well-rounded ATS focuses on all aspects of recruitment and staffing, beginning with sourcing.

Seeking qualified candidates fast and filling jobs is essential to your bottom line. The more positions you can fill effectively, the more you can take on, allowing for growth.

With an integrated 360° ATS and recruitment software, like Tracker, your team can optimize the candidate sourcing process through a series of integrated sourcing techniques and tools.

5 Sourcing Techniques with a 360° ATS:


2. Candidate Experience

The biggest benefit of an ATS is taking all your incoming data from candidates, including resumes, and organizes it quickly and efficiently to build ranked and parsed candidate profiles.

Accurate data is essential for finding the best match for many obvious reasons. And creating candidate profiles manually, or with clunky tech, is a recipe for misinformation or outdated data. Not to mention a bunch of wasted time. Automated resume parsing can quickly take resumes (regardless of format) and build candidate profiles into searchable and matchable data fields.

During the applicant process, one of the biggest missed opportunities are the missed connections with candidates. The communication and experience you give them is essential. Setting a great first impression is key to success placements and future referrals.

According to a recent survey, the number one reason people decline a job offer is because of a negative experience during the interview process. Up to 58% of people declined because of a poor experience.

A 360° ATS (like Tracker) doesn’t just track applicants, but with an integrated CRM your team can create personalized communications and sequences based on your unique workflows and triggers. Additionally, being able to brand and personalize communications without taking more time out of your day is another winning tactic for candidate experience.

Additionally, consider including personalized texting as a part of your candidate engagement. Make sure your candidates don’t miss your communications by having a 360° approach through email, text, and even social media.

4 Candidate Experience Techniques with a 360° ATS:


3. Follow-Through

What many recruiters and agencies fail to do is see the opportunity in the follow-through. Not only to learn about how you can improve your current processes based on the candidates experience, but also to obtain one very important asset: Referrals.

Referrals offer some of the best ROI in the workplace with often less of an investment to find them. If you are doing #1 and #2 ☝️

Check out these other referral stats:

  • 45% of people employed through referrals stay for more than four years
  • 82% of employers place referrals above other options to yield a better ROI
  • Referrals are 4x more likely to be hired


Who can support you with referrals? The candidates you just placed who (hopefully) had a wonderful experience! And when the majority of candidates are passive, but willing to move for the right company, this could be an incredible source of talent for your team to tap into.

Additionally, following-up is a great way to keep your contracts engaged and employed with your firm, and not your competitor.

4 Follow-Through Techniques with a 360° ATS:


Tracker’s 360° ATS

It’s time to ditch the marketplace of add-ons and apps, and invest in an ATS and CRM that can support and advance your entire recruitment business. If you’re ready to see what Tracker can do for your firm, contact us today to receive a free demo and consultation of our 360° Recruitment Platform.

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