Before and After: A Staffing Tech Transformation Story

From home renovations to the digital transformations of your staffing tech, before and after stories are a great way to discover potential. In our first before and after story, see how this recruitment firm flipped their business and processes with Tracker.

At Tracker, our team is regularly part of some incredible staffing technology transformations with new clients implementing Tracker to streamline their recruitment processes. This is one of those stories.

The implementation was as easy as it could have been and our learning curve has increased as we use more features and continue to customize to fit the needs of various teams and individuals. – Tracker User

Before Tracker Staffing Tech Transformation

The Team

A medium sized staffing company in the professional services sector is seeking a better way to manage their recruitment.  They need a recruitment software solution that is connected to their overall operations, marketing and sales functions.

For the past 10 years, the team has worked diligently to attract and retain clients and place qualified candidates. They’ve grown head count, but cautiously and only when needed.

Everyone on the operations teams wears multiple hats and stays busy keeping the processes and gears turning.

Recruiters lose lots of time to manual applicant tracking and processes, inefficient technology integrations, and lost post-it notes.

The Tech

The company wasn’t necessarily old-school, but tracked candidates manually, entered profile and resume information by hand, and individually ranked skills on candidates.

Both the recruitment team, sales, and management relied almost exclusively on Excel spreadsheets and charting.  They used these for manually tracking candidates, leads, and creating reports. This method was very time consuming and tedious.

Additionally, they used some third-party apps for internal collaboration, marketing and email, as well as LinkedIn for sourcing.

The Challenges

  1. Manual Tracking & Lost Time – Only using Excel files, it’s become increasingly difficult for recruiters and the sales team to avoid stepping on each other’s toes. Not to mention making sure candidates or clients don’t fall through the cracks. As the team grows, the processes can’t keep up.
  2. Bad Data (or No Data) – Weekly meetings gauge where everyone is at to set tasks and goals. They are mostly productive, but also require manual prep time from pulling reports and tracking job orders. Needless to say, losing hours of time per week to admin and reporting was not thrilling the recruiters. Certainly not management’s ideal situation.
  3. Tech Doesn’t Talk – Add-on apps or third-party integrations don’t always integrate well with your systems (say your calendar or, ahem, Excel). So, the team ends up spending more time trying to fix a software problem than doing their job.
  4. More Hires, More Problems – It takes too much time to train new hires on all the different files and apps, how you track, how to communicate, as well as reporting and KPI management.
  5. Painful Interview Process  – The actual interviewing of candidates is not the challenge, it’s getting the interview scheduled. Between going back and forth with candidates and clients and bad tech, the process was painful. In fact, this is so time-consuming that they hired an admin to exclusively focus on scheduling interviews.

Did you know, a 2020 survey found that 67% of respondents say it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to schedule a single interview.

Summary of Challenges

In total, each of the firm’s recruiters are spending about nine hours per week on repetitive tasks and not their critical work. Over the course of a year, that comes out to 468 hours, or 1/4 of a person, per each recruiter.

A 2018 study found that 55% of managers were spending up to 8 hours per week on administrative tasks and 25% were spending up to 4 hours per day.

How does this equate to your firm’s recruitment process and tech stack?

After Tracker Staffing Tech Transformation

Tracker was able to improve the recruitment processes, analytics, and workflows for this successful staffing firm, giving them the ability to transform their business even further.

Better Processes

By automating mundane tasks, data entry, standard workflow and email sequences with Tracker, the firm created better processes and saved countless hours.  Streamlining these activities increased the productivity of their recruitment, sales and operations teams. And, automating the repetitive tasks kept recruiters focused on what they do best.​

Less time spent on routine and standard tasks, means more time building relationships and closing deals.

Additionally, the staffing firm here was able to ​bring numerous job functions into one platform, Tracker. This inherently boosts productivity, saves recruiters’ time and will increase profitability.​

Better Data

The staffing firm started by getting rid of the excel files and automatically loading their candidate, client, job and placement data into one system. After that, their entire team could easily access and track necessary projects and records, anytime, anywhere.

Further, the team saves tons of time adding candidates and new applicants with automated Resume Parsing. This integrated function intelligently extracts all resume information, including photos, and creates a candidate record, regardless of the format.

Another vital feature to this recruitment team is the integrations with LinkedIn and Outlook to seamlessly search, import, and send without the hassle of multiple logins or clicks.

“Not only is it easy to navigate and use, but there are many features that improve the general quality of life. From the Google Chrome extension that I use every day to the LinkedIn and email integrations that keep up with my tasks.”Sam J.

Better Collaboration

Additionally, with this staffing firm having team members working remotely and across multiple offices, they were able to improve collaboration with Tracker’s Task Boards and TrackerChat features.

Task Boards allow for individual and group task set-up and keep everything organized and prioritized in one place. Important records can be linked to tasks and team members can be added or notified so nothing is unaccounted for.

Further, the team implemented Tracker’s new integrated Mobile App. With mobile accessibility, the firms’ remote company was able to stay up-to-date on jobs, clients, candidates, and more.  This also facilitated better collaboration as users could access Tracker from anywhere, anytime.

“Performance tracking is as easy as logging in. Reminders and Alerts make it easy to plan daily/weekly tasks and goals. Now with working remotely more out of the office, I am able to stay connected with the rest of my team and their accomplishments. It has become our hub that tracks all of our business activities.”Sam J.

Better Interview Scheduling

And finally, the interview scheduling hassle. Our interviewing features ensure this team can efficiently schedule, record, and track all interviews, without worrying about losing candidates in the process.

Some recruiters find even greater success using our built-in one or two-way video interviewing functionality. With our video interviews, recruiters create unlimited sets of questions tailored to multiple candidates to record in their own time and upload from any device. Talk about taking the headache out of hiring! Notifications let you know when an interview has been submitted and can easily be sent to clients for review.

Better Support and Success

“Most impressive is the always accessible Tracker RMS team that is always available and eager to assist in troubleshooting or answering questions. They’ve been guiding us every step of the way during our ATS/CRM transition. The other tool our team uses frequently is the reporting feature which enables you access to any kind of data you’d like to review. We use it daily for tracking productivity as well as compiling company performance insights.”

Staffing Tech Transformation Summary

Tracker offers intuitive and time-saving features to support your recruitment team revamp and improve the entire recruitment process. Our software provides leading candidate tracking, engagement, and management features. This staffing tech allows your entire team to work smarter, not harder for all around success. 

What could your team accomplish with an extra 468 hours each year from using an ATS like Tracker?

Contact us for a free demo to see how we can transform your staffing technology and remodel your business.

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