The Advantages of Using an ATS to Cut Recruitment Costs During a Downturn

In recruitment, the goal is to land the hottest talent and find the perfect match for clients and candidates. It’s tough at the best of times, but in today’s tight job market, the competition to recruit talent is incredibly fierce. But throwing everything at your recruitment strategy to win star candidates can stack up in time and costs.

Now that a recession looks imminent, recruiters are faced with two big challenges – unearthing talent in a tight job market AND cutting costs to protect the business during a downturn. It’s easy to think the two are incompatible!

There may be tricky times ahead for recruiters, but remember that many great solutions surface during challenging times.

Savvy recruiters are turning to application software to cut costs, attract new clients and swoop in on the best candidates to stay ahead of the curve and thrive.

Did you know an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can boost your talent-finding capabilities, and fast-track processes, so you get to talent first, improve staff efficiency and team morale, impress clients, save hundreds of hours in time, and reduce expenditure all at once?

A recession doesn’t mean you have to stop evolving! Let us show you how.

Introducing Application Software in Recruitment

You’re probably aware that application software is a computer software package or a cloud-based platform that performs specific functions directly for an end-user. There are many benefits of business application software, and applications vary hugely.

In recruitment, the crème de la crème of recruitment solutions is an ATS, which easily interfaces with legacy systems, such as HR.

So, what is the primary purpose of an ATS? What can it do?

An applicant tracking system helps recruiters to organize candidate resumes and track and support candidates through the entire hiring process. Features and benefits include a better overview of applicants, easy job board posting, quicker candidate sourcing, improved quality of hire, improved cost-per-hire, better team collaboration, automated communication, and better use of data to make more informed business decisions. All aspects combine to speed up the hiring process considerably.

How Recruitment Application Software Helps Cut Costs

The #1 benefit gained from using an ATS is cost savings. Spending less time on the myriad of administrative tasks in the hiring process saves time and money. And it enables recruiting staff to spend more time nurturing client and candidate relationships to improve reputation and retention.  

Reducing the time spent on admin doesn’t just save money; it creates an opportunity to make more! With the time saved on admin tasks, your team can focus on increasing the number of hires your new process can yield!

Here are just a few of the cost-cutting advantages an ATS brings.

Simultaneously Post to Multiple Job Boards in a Few Clicks

Working together on project. Two young business colleagues working on computer

Online job boards are the top job-searching channel for 60% of job hunters, so posting to job boards is critical for recruiters.

But this takes up a lot of time when done manually. An ATS enables you to promote all your jobs from an easy-to-use dashboard in a few simple clicks!

Run Searches While You Sleep

Using Tracker’s ATS, you can run automated searches for candidates across all your job boards overnight, connecting with prime people and job-matching them before your competitors, all while you get your beauty sleep!

Slash the Time You Spend Sending Emails

At every stage of the hiring process, swathes of emails go back and forth. There are phone screenings to schedule, interviews to arrange, hires and rejections must be notified, candidates ask for interview feedback, and much more. Then there’s communication with clients to engage, nurture, and progress leads. Sometimes it’s a wonder anyone gets much else done other than send emails!

With Tracker’s Automation functionality, your team can automate all your communication sequences. Welcome new applicants, onboard new candidates, follow up and engage with candidates throughout the hiring process, nurture clients, send surveys, and work your sales pipeline with automated emails. Spend a few minutes setting up your sequences and selecting recipients, and bingo!

Eliminate Tedious Admin Tasks

There’s nothing worse than being bogged down by admin. It’s time-consuming, soul-sapping, and directs staff away from other more critical workflows.

So many tasks can be automated using an applicant tracking system, from scheduling interviews, sending follow-up emails, and reminding candidates of incomplete steps in the recruitment process (such as providing references) to posting on social media. Your team will be jumping for joy when they are cut loose from some of the tedious admin and can focus on more exciting work!

Create Streamlined and Customized Workflows

There are so many different workflows in the hiring process, and every company has its way of doing things. The great thing about an awesome ATS is that you’ll be able to build customizable workflows to suit different hiring pipelines.

Let’s say you identify four or five stages in the hiring pipeline for a particular type of role. Using Tracker, you can automate triggers, emails, and actions according to each step and each job type. It could be to let a candidate know the next step (you can add and customize email templates to reflect your brand), coordinate interview times, request a video assessment, or send a rejection or hire notification.

The recruiting team can be confident they are dealing competently with every step in the hiring process or receive notifications when they need to act. It saves so much time and gives staff the confidence they need to feel they are doing a great job.

Boost Productivity

Enthusiastic Young Adults Analyzing New Data To Improve Startup Performance

It’s a fact that time drags when you are doing mundane tasks. And when people get bored, it’s a productivity killer. Eliminating menial tasks and automating repetitive workflow enables staff to get more done, making space for more creative and meaningful work. By improving workplace experience and streamlining workflows, an ATS naturally increases productivity.

Supercharge Your Data

In the digital age, data is power! With an ATS, data is collected automatically during the hiring process. You can also quickly survey successful new hires and unsuccessful candidates to help you understand how to improve.

Tracker’s scheduled reporting gets your favorite reports collated and delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly, or at intervals to suit you! More intelligent use of data drives better, faster, and more confident business decisions to increase revenue.

Hiring people just evolved! Join the ATS revolution with Tracker. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team now to see how you can save time and cut costs with our leading recruitment software. We can’t wait to chat.

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