The C-Level role is unlike most positions because this role requires much more of its candidates, which in turn requires the keen eye of a proactive recruiter.  C-level titles are typically used to describe highly ranked individuals within a company who are the dominant members of the organization and typically have lots of influence over the rest of the company. C-level officers and managers usually have hire and fire authority, make decisions regarding shareholders and stock decisions, oversee a large workload, and are often experts in leadership, business, and team building. This makes the search for the perfect candidate crucial to the company’s future success and the the direction a company would like to move towards.

For candidates, the search for an executive level job is going to be different than that of the previous positions they have held.  You can’t throw your resume out there onto a job board, there is a lot more thought and deliberate networking that needs to happen during this process. First and foremost, you must develop your own personal brand; brand of leadership, types of projects that you feel called to, develop things that will make you more attractive and accessible to executive recruiters.  To increase your visibility to recruiters, there are things you can do in order to develop your own personal brand. Developing a professional blog that is connected to your LinkedIn profile will help recruiters see a more well rounded side to you, and not just your resume, ensuring that you’d be a good fit at a certain company.  Writing articles for publication is another way to get noticed and it’s a resume booster as well!  While at professional or industry conferences, (which is where incredible networking happens) take the time to volunteer to lead a breakout session. This shows that you are not only an expert in something, but willing to take on a leadership role.  If you have the opportunity to write a book or an e-book, take advantage! Share the knowledge you have with the world. Being published will make you more appealing to those recruiters that are looking for the perfect candidate for those C-level roles.

For Recruiters, the search for the perfect candidate for a C-level role comes with an immense amount of responsibility.  It is important to keep your candidate pool diverse and organized in order to match the perfect candidate to the perfect company. This means finding someone who shares the same values as the company, who will be a good cultural fit, and who will lead the company for the long haul.  Ways that recruiters can ensure that they are creating and managing a diverse candidate pool, and that they have the best tools available, is to use a recruiting software that is customizable to the needs of the candidate and recruiter.  Having a CRM software that will adjust to the needs of both parties is important especially in such a selective process as the C-level search.  Recruiters have the difficult task of finding the next influencers and leaders of a company and it is important that they have all of the tools necessary to find the best cultural as well as managerial fit for the candidate as well as the company.  The job itself is difficult, but providing your recruitment firm with this tool is easy.  TrackerRMS offers a software that will help your team find the best fits for those C-level roles. Call today to schedule a demo.

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