The Future of Social Recruiting

Traditional recruitment tactics are not enough anymore as social recruiting has evolved from a supplement to the traditional paper resume, to an essential tool in the 21st-century recruitment process.  Recruiters are forced to engage or become obsolete. In fact, 48% of CEOs said their companies have lost money due to inefficient recruiting tactics.  Social recruiting offers a solution to these inefficient methods, thus furthering the notion that social recruiting is the future of the industry and that stand-alone traditional methods are not enough.

Social outlets like LinkedIn originally started as supplements to the traditional recruitment process, but over time it has evolved into being one of the most powerful recruiting methods in today’s market.  Sites like these have allowed recruiters to hone in on specific qualifications by allowing employers and recruiters to see a full profile that not only houses the candidate’s resume, but is home to other valuable pieces of information as well: passions, activities, endorsements, photos, and more. It has allowed candidates to present themselves in a more varied way by combining different media outlets.

This isn’t the only part of the process that has changed either; more and more companies are turning 100% digital in the recruitment process. Companies have gone from researching candidates, to actually holding the interview via video chat as opposed to traditional phone or in person interviews. This has allowed for recruiters to reach a larger geographic audience of candidates. In turn, this allows for recruiters to pick the best-qualified candidates.

Other social outlets such as Twitter and Instagram have allowed recruiters and candidates alike to stay interactive and involved in the hiring process, to understand the brand, and to get a feel for the culture. This leads to more qualified, better fitting candidates. In fact, 70% of hiring managers say they’ve successfully hired via social media and 89% of companies plan to recruit by using different social media platforms.

So how can you improve your social media presence? Here are a few tips:

  1. Utilize efficient, specific hashtags to amplify your job post’s reach.
  2. Update your LinkedIn header to let potential candidates know that you are hiring.
  3. Post consistent, quality content –  Don’t just share job postings; that will cause people to lose interest. By creating exciting content, it will keep traffic coming to your page, and it will keep users informed and impressed.
  4. Finally, be consistent and stay active!

While technology will never completely supersede the necessary human instinct needed to identify the right candidate, by embracing these technological advances, it could be one of your biggest advantages for the future!

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