The Importance of Sharing Product Feedback With Your ATS Provider

Even when things seem to be going smoothly, it’s important to provide regular feedback to your ATS provider for many reasons. Remember, there’s almost always room for improvement when it comes to recruiting. Whether it’s re-evaluating efficiencies or measuring recruiter performance and hiring outcomes, your ATS software should be meeting the needs of your staffing firm from the ground up. The only way to accomplish this is to keep your ATS provider in the loop about your team’s progress, so proper changes can be made in a timely fashion.

Here are three top factors to keep in mind when providing your ATS provider with updates:

Candidate experience

The feedback you receive directly from candidates about their experiences with your application process serves as critical feedback for your ATS provider. It’s always important to continually evaluate the role of your ATS in supporting “candidate experience” goals and providing tools in which you can measure performance in this realm. Your ATS should be streamlining the application process so candidates can easily apply and learn about jobs without experiencing roadblocks. If candidates report struggling to complete or submit applications, your ATS provider should be aware of this so any problems can be quickly rectified.

Privacy and compliance

If you experience any privacy or compliance issues while using your ATS, it’s important to notify your provider of this right away. Your ATS houses a lot of sensitive candidate data which should not be compromised under any circumstances. Contacting your ATS’s customer support team is critical for having compliance issues addressed as promptly as possible, so no private information is shared with unauthorized third parties. Being proactive in protecting the integrity of your staffing firm should always be paramount in your evaluation of ATS software.

Goals and objectives

When you first became acclimated with your ATS provider, chances are you established some initial goals and objectives for the platform in conjunction to your needs. It’s helpful to revisit these goals so performance with the ATS can be measured and necessary changes can be made as needed. By sharing regular updates, concerns or questions, your provider should be able to assist you in further advancing your goals with the system.

Engaging in steady and consistent communication with your ATS provider is instrumental in making sure the system aligns with your firm’s business goals and mission at large. By taking an active role in communicating with your provider, you’ll set the stage for more productivity and greater future success moving forward.

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