The Purple Panel: Using Technology to Better Track Candidates



We are thrilled to have participated in the third installment of The Purple Panel webinar series, hosted by CloudCall.


The panel of experts discussed how technology helps recruiters to better source, manage and track candidates.

The panel was hosted by:
The panel of experts discussed:
  • How hybrid working has impacted recruitment
  • Which new technologies can streamline processes
  • How automation has become key to top recruiters
  • How you can build better relationships using tech

Matt said: “Implementing new technologies has opened up so many opportunities for recruiters the past year. Being able to source, track and manage candidates from wherever they are geographically has really transformed the recruitment industry.”


Ashley said about the increase of remote working: “It’s been incredible to watch. It wasn’t that long ago that everybody was working in the office. The forced flexibility and hybrid working has allowed many forward-thinking companies to become great places to work, by using new technologies to get there. There’s a lot of opportunity for these companies to grow even further.”


Hope added: “Technology has allowed our clients to recruit the right people. Taking away the factor of location allows them to be pickier, but also have a larger candidate pool. The boundaries and borders that were there before for smaller companies have gone.”

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