Three Issues That May Impact Staffing Agencies

Think you’ve got the staffing industry figured out?

Not so fast! In the ever-changing world of staffing, you can never get too complacent. With many internal and external forces affecting staffing firms, employers and candidates, it’s critical that staffing pros understand how to navigate unforeseen challenges in the workforce development landscape, and continually commit to adapting to change in order to stay competitive.

As you prepare your staffing firm for long-term success, be mindful of these three major issues that may impact staffing agencies and the way in which your firm operates:

Continued Integration of Contract and Direct Hires

As companies’ demands continue to evolve, many employers are integrating both contract and direct hire employees within their workforce. This will continue to affect the way in which staffing firms recruit candidates, as recruiters must adapt to clients’ fluctuating needs based on many factors (such as seasonal demands), as well as the ever-growing skills gap which limits the number of qualified candidates on the market at any given time. Understanding the impact of these challenges, staffing firms must guide their clients towards the best workforce solutions for their organization’s specific needs and budget.

New Technologies

Perhaps one of the most pervasive changes taking place in the staffing industry is the rapid growth of new technologies. Because the internet has dramatically changed the way people find jobs – and the way in which employers and staffing firms find candidates – technology will continue to play a critical role in how the staffing industry functions. Staffing firms that are committed to educating their teams and keeping them abreast on the best recruiting methods will be better positioned to excel in the long run, regardless of major shifts in technology.

Generations X and Y

With newer generations now entering the workforce, staffing firms must adopt new staffing strategies to attract younger workers to different types of employment. Unlike baby boomers who have dominated the job market for the past 40 years, younger candidates will be more inclined to seek jobs that offer more flexibility and control over their lives. As the years go on, it’s expected that candidates will be shifting their preferences away from traditional roles, opting for contract positions that offer more freedom and work-life balance. To effectively fulfill their clients’ demands, recruiters will need to be mindful of these major generational differences when marketing positions and communicating with candidates.

Is your staffing firm prepared for the changes ahead after learning the three issues that may impact staffing agencies? Equipping your team with the best application tracking technology can help your firm stay on the fast track for success.

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