Top 10 Interview Questions

When conducting an interview it’s important to ask questions with a goal in mind. In order to find the candidate that possesses the skills and is a good job and cultural fit, one must take the time to really analyze their answers and ask thought-provoking questions. The point of the interview is to gain information and insight that wouldn’t typically appear on their resume. For example, from the resume you could find where and how long they worked somewhere but during the interview process you could learn about how they worked with others, what their attitudes towards the company were, or what they were looking to gain from this interview. Here we have compiled a list of questions with some of these goals in mind.

1.  What was your proudest moment at work?

Goal: This question will help gain insight as to where this candidate believes they are strongest and where they think that they excel. Was it recognition from someone else? Did it involve stepping up to the plate? Inferences regarding character can be gained from asking this question.

2.  Describe your ideal work environment?

Goal: By asking this question, you are able to see if they prefer working in a team environment or if they work better solo. Also, by asking the candidate about their ideal work environment, you can better determine if they will fit in well with the climate and culture of your office.

3.  Tell me about when you overcame an obstacle at work?

Goal: This will not only determine this candidate’s leadership style and willingness to take initiative, but it will also reveal if they are a creative thinker.  Presented with an obstacle, did they step up and take on a role of responsibility?  Did they look to collaborate on a solution? This question will also lead to determining whether or not they are a team player and how they deal with conflict resolution.

4.  What are your career goals?

Goal: Are they willing to grow with your company? Where do they see themselves in the coming months or years? Seeing where their career goals stand and seeing if they align with the needs and goals of your company will determine if this candidate will be a good fit.

5.  What is your superpower?

Goal: This question will reveal where this candidate holds confidence, what they believe to be their strengths and possibly how they plan to apply that super power to this new position.

6.  How would your coworkers describe you?

Goal: By asking what their coworkers think about them, you can learn a little more about their work relationships. Do they have a positive response or a negative one? Do they seem to work well with others?

7.  What is something you like to do for fun?

Goal: By asking what they do for pure enjoyment, you are asking questions that will determine whether they will fit well within the culture of the office. Do they stay active? Are they an avid reader? Are they part of a team outside of work?  Asking a question like this will also help them relax if they seem nervous or tense,  get them to talk about something they like!

8.  How would your current boss describe your work and contribution?

Goal: This question will determine the type of relationship they have with their boss as well as reveal whether they are a diligent worker, a team player or a creative thinker.

9.  What is the most important skill that you would contribute?

Goal: Similar to the superhero question. This question will determine what the candidate finds valuable within themselves and what they believe that they can offer your company.

10.  Who is your role model and why?

Goal: This question will give you insight as to what they value in their fellow human being as well as possible traits they may be working on or trying to incorporate into their life. What qualities do they admire?  Who are they striving to be? By incorporating questions like these into your interview alongside the standard questions, you may learn more than you anticipated, like; how they plan to contribute to your company, how they’ll fit in with the culture and who they are as a person.

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