Top Podcasts for Staffing Professionals

After a busy day – or even before the day gets started – hardworking recruiters often just need some good old straight talk. As a recruiter, you’re likely always striving to acquire new skills and improve your performance. Listening to podcasts can be an extremely beneficial way to advance professionally and stay motivated on days when things just aren’t going your way.

If you’re a staffing professional looking for some new outlets, here are a few podcasts you’ll want to check out:

HR Happy Hour

Covering a range of topics, HR Happy Hour is one of the best podcasts for staying tuned into the ever-changing world of HR, recruiting and the workplace in general. Each week the podcast hosts a variety of well-known guests who delve into the latest trends in recruitment, as well as how staffing professionals can stay competitive. Segments on the program also tend to be relatively short (around 30 minutes), making them easy to listen to during your afternoon commute or a workout at the gym. From talent branding to talent acquisition challenges, HR Happy Hour is truly is your one-stop shop for all things HR!

The JourneyUP Podcast

David Alonso, the owner of a recruitment software company, discusses the stories & trials of some of the leading CEO’s in the recruitment and staffing space. In this series of The JourneyUP, the interviews are real and honest. They dive deep into success & failures of how the guest ended up where they are today, the challenges they faced and their tips & advice for anyone aspiring to do the same, whether they want to start a business, or need help scaling their own.

The Productivity Podcast

Almost every staffing professional knows how difficult it can be to juggle the many responsibilities involved in a recruiting job. In many cases, time management and organization are the keys to job success. The Productivity Podcast provides many tips and tricks recruiters can use to better manage their daily routines and maximize their time to achieve the best productivity. The podcast covers all types of productivity hacks, from how to best manage your inbox to when to schedule sales calls. Even picking up just a couple new tips each month can have a long-lasting impact on helping you reach your productivity goals.

Human Capital Institute

While the name of this podcast may sound obscure on the surface, the goal of Human Capital Institute is simple – to cover all the latest trends happening in HR. This podcast is known for bringing on highly regarded thought leaders in the recruiting industry to provide key insights and discuss the changes occurring in recruitment, including emerging HR technology platforms, best practices and new market demands. If you’re looking to bring your staffing career to the next level, this podcast will give you the tools to do just that!

With podcasts like these, learning and professional development doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time-consuming! Making a habit of tuning in to a couple of weekly podcasts can help you gain valuable knowledge, without having to burden yourself with expensive or complicated training.

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