Tracker Version 4

9 months

in the making

The whole team has been working hard for over 9 months to design and develop the features our clients need the most!

80+ Features

across the platform

Version 4 is an ambitious release with over 80 new features and improvements across all aspects of the Tracker platform!

5 Integrations

with new partners

With new and exciting partnerships with leading technology providers, we have 5 new in-built integrations on offer!

1 Choice

when it comes to ATS

When it comes to choosing an ATS, Tracker will never be beaten on value, with more in-built functionality than any other solution.

Version 4 Highlights

Buckle up, there’s a lot in the box!

Web Forms

Send custom Web Forms to anyone and collect live information directly back into Tracker such as Contact Us, Onboarding Forms, Registration, Reference and Surveys

New Portal

All new Portal design offering branded and personalized pages, more options and a new Job Landing Page to showcase your Candidates

Artificial Intelligence

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, we are improving many apsects of Tracker including receipt scanning, facial recognition and semantic search

Executive Search

We are providing more and more features in support of our Executive Search clients including Target Listing and RocketReach integration for looking up target Candidates


In additions to the previous LinkedIn Extension integration, we now provide full RocketReach search functionality directly within the main Tracker platform

Improved Filtering

Main lists now have improved filtering allowing for multiple statuses and types to be selected and saved within filtered lists

Match Jobs Improvements

We have vastly improved the Match Jobs by conducting reverse profile and boolean searches across all open Jobs meaning highly accurate matching for your best Candidates

Word Cloud

In order to make reviewing the key skills and capabilities of your Candidates, we are the first ATS to introduce Word Cloud enabling you to see your Candidates clearer

Better Parsing

Following extensive research and testing, we are adopting a new partnership for our parsing technology offering faster and more accurate information from any resume or job specification

Video Resumes

Don’t just spec your Candidates using their resume when you can also showcase them using Video Resumes, available via email on via the new Client Portal


Our ever popular Sequences feature has become even more impressive with the ability to enroll from more places, more information on running Sequences and improved editor

Send Emails in the Future

Plan your communications now and in the future with the ability to schedule your email for any point in the future, then sit back and let Tracker manage it for you

Bulk Text Templates

We’re delighted to offer the same bulk personalization offered by our emails to text with fully customized and personalized texxt sent in bulk to anyone in Tracker

Video Emails

Make a bigger impact by sending video emails instead of plain text with both instant record-and-send and template based emails supported


Run your business 24/7 by using our built in Watchdogs feature which will continue to scan the job boards every night for new and relevant Candidates for your Jobs

Saved Job Board Searches

Perform ad-hoc or repeat Job Boards Searches easily with the ability to save common and frequently used searches; and even set them up as Watchdogs if you want!

QuickBooks & Xero

We now offer full integration with both QuickBooks Online and Xero Accounting for both your invoicing and payroll needs, directly from Tracker

Bulk Timesheet Reminders

Take the pain out of chasing Timesheets with the new Bulk Timesheet Reminders, allowing you to send reminders out in just 2 clicks!

Tracker Chat

A simple concept but a massive collaboration tool, allowing your users to chat in real-time or leave messages with @mentions to link in any record in Tracker direct to the conversation

Interractive Alerts

Glean more from your notifications with fully interactive alerts allowing you to click to view the details within each alert instantly

Scheduled Reports

Scheule your favorite reports and dashboards into a single email, sent to who you like, when you like; ensuring your team get the information they need, when they need it

What have I done?

If you want to know what you’ve done today, yesterday or on any other day in the past, the new “What have I done?” allows you to travel back in time


Take the strain out of notifying your team whenever you need to engage them in a Activity or Note by simply @mentioning them as you type, alerting them instantly of the mention

Custom Forms from Docx

Ever wanted to quickly convert your existing Microsoft Ward document into a Tracker Custom Form?  We hear you!  We now convert this on the fly so you can embrace Custom Forms easier

Placement Lifecycle

With our new Placement Lifecycle available in the Layout Designer you can instantly see the Quality, Quality and Velocity of your Shortlist within every Job


Never miss a Candidate again with Auto-Match constantly watching for new Candidates hitting Tracker and comparing them to your open Jobs, alerting you instantly

Custom Document Types

Better organize your documents with Custom Document Types allowing you to quickly set their types and filter on those types in any record

Document Version Control

To assist in the organization of your documents, we now offer version control meaning that previous versions of edited documents are kept and can be viewed or rolled-back at any time

Job Sourcing

We now have a fully integrated Job Sourcing tool allowing you to search millions of Jobs from all over the world to build your pipeline or find jobs automatically for your favorite Candidates

Compliance Packs

Using the latest facial recognition technology, we can ask Candidates for onboarding or identification documents and using their webcam or phone, instantly verify it for you