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Tracker ensures precise and efficient migration, delivering enhanced functionality while organizing your data and processes seamlessly.

Access RDB to Tracker: Transition Made Effortless

Is your team missing out on the latest advancements in recruitment technology?

With little to no product development in over five years, RDB customers are looking to Tracker for continuously improved and optimised recruitment software

Are You Considering a Shift from Access Group or Exploring Alternatives to Vincere?

In the dynamic landscape of business solutions, it's essential to explore options that align seamlessly with your needs. If you're contemplating a departure from the Access Group or uncertain about Vincere, it's the perfect time to evaluate Tracker and elevate your operations.

Do you need a quick, cost effective and efficient transition to a superior platform?

At Tracker, we prioritise seamless migration, ensuring you not only save time and resources but also experience the benefits of a superior platform promptly.

Navigating the Path Forward: Expert Guidance for Optimizing Your Data and Processes

Embarking on the journey to enhance your data and processes can be complex, but with our expert guidance, you gain a clear roadmap for optimisation.

How Tracker Guides Your Migration from Access RDB

With extensive experience, we’ve crafted a specialised solution guaranteeing a precise and streamlined migration. Our offering not only unlocks Tracker’s enhanced functionality but also efficiently organises and cleans your data and processes simultaneously.

Visualising the Process: What to Expect
  • Analyse your current data and processes thoroughly.
  • Prepare and clean your data for a focused and efficient transfer.
  • Benefit from full project management to minimise disruptions for your team.
  • Ensure 100% accurate and clean data in Tracker through quality reviews.
  • Enjoy a free Standard Data Migration from Access RDB.
  • Refine processes in the new system before the switch to minimise risks.
  • Access tailored online or onsite training for your entire team.
  • Get dedicated support during go-live with CSM clinics for a smoother transition.

Streamlining the Transition: Key Phases in Your Move from RDB to Tracker


Successful software implementation requires thorough preparation. We analyse critical areas of your RDB usage, focusing on migrating essential information to the right location in Tracker. Decisions on functionality, users, teams, and data structures are made during this phase.

Project Management

We meticulously manage and control all activities in the transition from RDB to Tracker. Our well-documented steps, visible to you throughout the project, draw from extensive experience, ensuring a methodical approach that significantly contributes to your success.

Quality Reviews

During the initial review phase, we integrate data from your existing system with insights from the Scoping Document, focusing primarily on ensuring data quality. We enlist the client’s expertise to meticulously examine each aspect of the migrated data, conducting thorough comparisons between the old and new datasets to guarantee the absence of missing or inaccurately placed data.

Data Migration

Our baseline data migration consists of a tried and trusted process to ensure the quickest and most comprehensive path to getting you logged onto Tracker with minimal impact to your day-to-day business. 

Our baseline goal ensures we move the data you need from your existing system into Tracker and demonstrate this to you within our system until you are happy. 


Tracker provides a diverse range of customised Training Courses tailored to your business’s unique processes. This includes scheduled Team Trainings and an Online Learning Management System (LMS) featuring a selection of Tracker Courses.

Go-Live Support

Engage in Q&A Clinics with our CSMs, set personalised goals through Goal Setting Calls, and utilise Tracker Support/Chat. Access to a dedicated CSM is available based on your contract for tailored assistance.

Embark on a seamless transition with our complimentary migration from Access RDB, where an array of exceptional standard features awaits:
What services are included?
  • 1-2-1 Project Kickoff Call
  • Formal Data Review and Discussion
  • Two Revisions of Data
  • Guided Data Mapping
  • Complete Resume Indexing
Which objects are included in the migration?
  • Users
  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Candidates
  • Jobs
  • Placements
  • Standard Activities
  • Standard Notes
  • Standard Documents
  • Custom Fields

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