Using Relationships to Build a Sales Pipeline

Building a sales pipeline is a lot like building a relationship.  As someone moves through your sales pipeline you learn what they’re looking for, what skills they possess and and how you can help enrich their lives.  Same goes with any relationship, as any relationship progresses, you realize how you can help each other, based on mutual respect and trust. This practice should also be exhibited in business as well; use your relationships to help each other achieve success and based on mutual respect and trust, be able to locate what your client is looking for, what skills they possess, and how you can enrich their lives.

We all know that referrals lead to some of the most promising candidates.  When candidates come from people that we know and trust, it makes the candidate more sound and trustworthy, knowing that they have the admiration and support of a trusted colleague.  Using connections you have made personally as well as through online platforms such as LinkedIn, or referral programs within recruitment software systems, you are guaranteed to find candidates that will have reliable connections.

As businesses moves towards more technologically-driven practices, like incorporating an ATS, or recruiting softwareit has become even more important to keep track of the many relationships that recruiters encounter; it is easier to keep track of these relationships.  By utilizing an applicant tracking system, recruiters are able to focus on building relationships and keeping up to date with them, by easing communication methods and processes.  Relationship Management Software can track emails across your company, so you can keep track of who your colleagues are working with as well as who has had particular clients or friends in a particular industry, thus making it easier to reach out and establish those new connections.

TrackerRMS offers software that does just this: allows the user to manage their relationships and encourages accountability and responsibility with staying on top of communication.  This is necessary in ensuring that every opportunity is taken advantage of.

Building your sales pipeline, like developing connections and relationships, takes a lot of time, patience and work.  By exercising your communication skills and using an ATS as well as the connections you already have, you will build a stronger and more reliable sales pipeline that results in more long term hires, top tier quality candidates, and happy candidates.

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