Vendor Management & VMS Recruiting

Build Better Vendor Management Systems & Integrations

Vendor Management

Increase your staffing agency’s productivity and improve efficiency through data automation between Tracker and your Vendors

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Auto Match

Never miss a vacancy again by constantly matching new Candidates to your open jobs whenever or wherever they come from

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Vendor Management

Tracker’s rules-based data parsing software seamlessly integrates with our ATS.


No longer will your staff need to monitor multiple websites, emails, upload files or manually enter data job data. All data can be collected and delivered to Tracker in minutes.


Our platform requires no additional programming or special skills, which makes the process of adding new providers both streamlined and simple. It’s as simple as point, click, and selecting your job data providers. We can start feeding VMS data to Tracker in a matter of minutes.


And since our data workflow integration and process automation capabilities translate into more efficiency and immediate ROI, your team will have additional bandwidth to focus on more meaningful – and profitable – tasks.

In a nutshell...

  • Customizable and User Friendly
  • Pick emails and feeds in the order they are received
  • Define filters and rules for every request
  • Auto Job creation in Tracker
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Auto-Match Candidates for new Requests

Auto Match

Auto Match is designed to ensure that all Candidates placed in Tracker and checked against your open jobs constantly.


By performing a reverse search, we can compare the resumes of all new Candidates against the search criteria defined on open jobs and alert Consultants that they may be suitable for their role automatically.


These Candidates can be placed into a special “Auto-Matched” status, distinguishing clearly between the 3 key group of Candidates coming into Jobs, namely Auto-Matched, Applied and Shortlisted.  This helps Consultants prioritize the Candidates they approach whilst clearly indicating their source.


So with Job Board Post Applicants, Job Board Search, Watchdogs, Website Applications and Auto Match as standard in Tracker, you will never miss a Candidate again, achieving maximum chances of success.

In a nutshell...

  • Works seamlessly in the background
  • Compares Candidates no matter how they enter Tracker
  • Clear alerts and segmentation in the Shortlist
  • Configurable based on skills, location etc.
  • Real-time updates and alerts

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