What Jobs are Trending in 2017

There are many reasons why someone would be looking to make a career switch. It could have been the wrong career from the start, the desire to do something more fulfilling, or changes in interests. Regardless of why you may be looking for a new job, it is smart to see what industries will offer you the most growth opportunities over the coming years along with financial stability. LinkedIn pulled data from their entire database and created a list of the most promising jobs of 2017 based on the median salaries, number of current openings, and year-over-year growth.  We’ve gone ahead and added some of the top companies hiring in these positions along with information about the top five trending jobs of 2017.


  1. A Hospitalist is a doctor who works specifically in the hospital.
  2. Median base salary: $222,000
  3. 3,500+ job openings on LinkedIn
  4. 87% year-over-year
  5. Companies hiring: Practice Match, E-Health Jobs, HCA Physician Recruitment, Born & Bicknell, Inc.


  1. A Pharmacist dispenses medications prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and monitors patient health.
  2. Median wage: $123,000
  3. 17,000 open positions on LinkedIn
  4. 45% year-over-year
  5. Companies Hiring: CVS Health, RITE AID,  RPh on the Go, Soliant Health

Sales Engineer

  1. A Sales Engineer is involved in the selling of technically complex machinery or tech products and must be knowledgeable about said technology and gear.
  2. Median base salary: $80,000
  3. 3,000+ open positions on LinkedIn
  4. 159% year-over-year
  5. Companies Hiring: Intel, Central Business Strategies,  CyberCoders, Mass Visions

Site Reliability Engineer

  1. A Site Reliability Engineer is a software engineer that is focused on the reliability, scalability and the development of cloud computing infrastructure.
  2. Median base salary: $140,000
  3. 400+ jobs posted on LinkedIn
  4. 93% year-over-year
  5. Companies Hiring: Microsoft, DropBox,  Houzz, Palantir Technologies

Product Manager

  1. Product Managers are often seen as the CEO of the product. They are responsible for strategy, big picture and direction for product or product line. Other duties included in this position may include marketing, forecasting and profit & loss responsibilities.
  2. Median base salaries: $97,500
  3. 9,100+ jobs posted on LinkedIn
  4. 11% year-over-year
  5. Companies Hiring: Facebook, Amazon, IBM

Regardless of which field you are looking to make your career move to, updating your LinkedIn profile, staying up to date on current job listings and exploring all of your options will help you find exactly where you are meant to be.

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