How Can Your Small Staffing Firm Benefit From Partnering With TrackerRMS?

Do you find it increasingly difficult to manage all the functions of your small staffing firm? From measuring employee performance to generating business development, keeping track of all the moving parts can be a challenge for many staffing leaders. The good news is that there are many outsourced partners and programs that can help you grow your firm while complementing your existing processes. Here’s why investing in a partnership with TrackerRMS can do wonders for your small staffing firm:

Save time and money.

Every staffing pro knows that time is money, especially when client demands are at their highest. By implementing an effective ATS with TrackerRMS, you’ll implement a more efficient workflow and job board integration that can save your recruiters on average 30 minutes per day – which equates to 12 hours per month! Not only will your recruiters be more productive, they’ll feel more organized on the job and have a better handle on managing their workloads.

Acquire critical performance data.

Because an ATS platform tracks and measures everything, you’ll have access to critical data that will allow you to evaluate your employees’ performance and understand what areas of your firm need improvement. By getting this necessary feedback, you can make meaningful changes in the operation of your staffing firm and make sure every member of your team is held accountable in meeting expectations. Overall, an ATS will play a vital role in rectifying inefficiencies and increasing productivity so that your firm can operate at its optimal level.

Grow your business.

In addition to making day-to-day tasks easier for your recruiters, an ATS with TrackerRMS will be instrumental in your business development, serving as an advanced CRM system in which you can manage all your leads and prospects in one central place. Having this functionality can be integral in helping you grow your business without spending an enormous amount of time organizing your contacts and keeping track of leads. In general, an advanced ATS makes lead generation much less tedious, so you can take advantage of new business opportunities as quickly as possible.

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