Why an ATS is Essential for the Best Candidate Experience

Technology has made our lives easier, quicker and more efficient. When it comes to the recruiting industry that’s exactly what an applicant tracking software system can do for you. Applicant tracking software,or “ATS” is essential to running a successful recruiting firm as well as creating a memorable and enjoyable candidate experience.

Most recruiting firms are using some type of ATS and it is prevalent among most of the work force. Regardless of the size of your company, an ATS will grant you many benefits. Companies use an ATS to ease the recruitment process for employers, recruiters and candidates alike.  They use it to alleviate many issues associated with talent acquisition and use it to hone in on candidates with specific skill sets and experience that employers are looking for who will also be a great cultural fit.

Investing in an applicant tracking system has many benefits. Here we outlined the four key benefits:

Ease of Workload for Recruiters

Utilizing an ATS system and all its’ features can essentially automate the recruitment process, which in turn, helps you to identify top tier candidates and reduce time spent sifting through resumes. Features like resume screening, online job postings to multiple platforms, and interview scheduling will help streamline and alleviate much of the manual work typically done by recruiters.  This will allow recruiters to allocate more time to tasks associated with creating professional and enjoyable recruiting experiences.

Reduce Business Costs

Using an ATS, makes it easier to communicate with candidates, enter data, collect information, and organize your pipeline. In doing so, this cuts costs on personnel and administrative duties. These personnel-related expenses along with organizational tasks and administrative duties can be cut significantly with the incorporation of recruitment software.

Hire Better Candidates

An ATS system uses categories and qualifications to help you finalize and select the ideal candidate for a position.  ATS systems recognize high quality applicants that can reduce your time-to-hire and keep those applicants more engaged with the recruiting process.

Improve Your Candidate Experience

In the age of technology the candidate experience has become more mobile friendly and more optimized for on the go. Optimizing your client’s recruiting process to be user friendly and up to date is essential. That means staying up to date with the latest recruitment software and being flexible and open to using new technology to your advantage.  Making sure that your candidates and you are on the same page throughout the entire process and communicating effectively, while utilizing technology that eases the recruitment will guarantee an enjoyable client experience.

An ATS is a vital tool in the world of recruiting and will ensure a successful recruiter-candidate interaction.  This system is designed to make the lives of the recruiters as well as candidates a breeze as it reduces business costs associated with administrative tasks and personnel by allocating time for recruiters to spend less time doing the mundane tasks now done by the automated system. The system also hires better candidates by recognizing the customizable features within the system that you can use to filter through the system.  All of this, combined with the incorporation of user-friendly technology used for clients and recruiters, help to make the best recruiter-candidate experience.

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