Why and How to Use Staffing Tech

In this article, we breakdown top staffing tech for staffing firm growth.

A 2021 Staffing Industry report expects double-digit growth for the majority of industry verticals with an emphasis on IT, healthcare, professional/managerial, and industrial.

Great news for all of us.

This industry growth is a great opportunity for staffing firms to gain market share and crank up ROI.

Additionally, with the more employee-driven market right now, we are seeing candidates become more and more selective. No longer will posting and waiting work. It’s time to get strategic, streamlined, and proactive.

How do you do that?

Staffing tech should be a game changer with solutions to streamline the process of recruiting and staffing from top to bottom and back again.

Without some integration of technology and automation, most staffing firms won’t be able to keep up. They will keep increasing headcount to “grow”, and their bottom line will continue to wilt.

So, which staffing tech best supports proactivity and streamlines recruitment and business processes?

Let’s take a look.

#1 Staffing Tech for Applicant Tracking

According to the 2021 State of Staffing report, finding qualified candidates has been the biggest day-to-day challenge for five years. As the candidate pool increases with highly-selective candidates it’s more important than ever to be able to stay ahead of competitors for placements.

The benefits of investing in an ATS are vast. From streamlining processes and automating routine tasks to creating and discovering candidate profiles quickly, an ATS has become necessary to remain a successful staffing or recruiting firm.

5 Ways an ATS Increases Productivity:
  1. Improve and streamline processes
  2. Gain better analytics and reporting
  3. Access and connect all data and all records
  4. Integrate functions and time-makers
  5. Automate tedious and mundane tasks

One survey stated that “78% of employers that use an ATS said that recruitment technology makes finding great talent easier than ever.”

Wondering where to start with an ATS?

Check Out 10 Must Have ATS Features:
  1. Advanced Search Options
  2. Sourcing
  3. Streamlined Job Posting
  4. Sales & CRM Integration
  5. Automation & Marketing
  6. Customizable Workflow
  7. Ease of Use
  8. Mobile Capability
  9. Integration
  10. Analytics

Read more about these functions here.

Which ATS?

There are many applicant tracking systems or ATS(s) available, so it’s key to understand the differences.

  • Which features will really move the needle for your team?
  • What is core function and what is 3rd party add-on?
  • Does the software provide adequate customer support?
  • Are client success initiatives offered (without having to hire a consultant)?
  • Is it easy to use and implement?
  • Will you like doing business with the people?

These are just a few things to consider when assessing and comparing ATS platforms. Check out more detailed software comparisons here (powered by G2).

Additional Staffing Tech to Check Out

At Tracker, we seamlessly integrate with top recruiting industry tech. Here are some of the most impactful to your applicant tracking processes.


Reduce the cost and effort spent on manual data entry with DaXtra Parser. This powerful tool extracts rich information in more languages and more accurately than any other CV parsing software or resume parser in the world.

With Tracker’s complete and seamless integration with Daxtra for resume parsing, your team doesn’t have to worry about setting up an additional account or configuration. It’s already done on the backend. Just one more way that we at Tracker strive to make it easy.


Textkernel is a specialist in machine intelligence for matching supply and demand on the job market. They work with over 1,000 staffing and HR organizations globally to enable recruiters with the latest in AI staffing tech.

Tracker has a seamless white-labeled integration with Textkernel’s sourcing and matching tools. This integration give your team complete access to Textkernel’s premium AI-powered matching tools helping recruiters place more of your sourced candidates and optimize your staffing cycle.


CloudCall provides simple, fast and integrated communications with candidates and clients directly from Tracker.

With Cloudcall for Tracker, your entire team can enjoy integrated communications, better call tracking, and more. Enable your recruiters, sales and operations teams to build better relationships get more done, faster.

Why Tracker’s ATS

At Tracker, we strive to not only support our customers with the latest software to support their bottom line; we also work with our clients to build best practices and utilization of their system. We take ATS customization to a new level, unlike any other solution. There’s a reason we have a 93% rating for ease of doing business.

In fact, based on independent reviews from G2 Crowd, Tracker far outperforms Bullhorn in recruiting marketing, mobility and more.

#2 Staffing Tech for Candidate Sourcing

According to StaffingHub’s 2021 State of the Staffing report, the most impactful sourcing channels for firms continue to be:

  • Social Media (including Linkedin and Facebook)
  • Your Database (CRM/ATS)
  • Job Boards (including Indeed and Niche)
  • Your Own Website

So, how can technology impact candidate sourcing across these top channels?

Candidate Sourcing with Tracker Infographic

Social Media

Candidate sourcing is taking place more than you may think on social media platforms. These channels also play a big role in candidate decision making based on brand, culture, and reviews. Not to mention discovering your job postings.

Stats on Social Media for Sourcing from G2:
  1. Nearly half of all professionals (49%) are following companies on social media with the intent to stay aware of their jobs.
  2. As much as 62% of job seekers use social media channels to evaluate the employer brand of a company.

To broaden your candidate attraction and job posting footprint, social media needs to be in your mix. And, it doesn’t have to be every social platform known to man. Do some research and testing, then pick the one (or ones) that engage your audience best.

If you’re looking to build (or improve) social media in your candidate sourcing strategy, check out these 10 social media tips to get started.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the checklist:
  1. Define your goals
  2. Choose the right platforms…it’s not all LinkedIn
  3. Build a social media calendar
  4. Show personality
  5. Join groups and make lists
  6. Source passive candidates
  7. Promote your content
  8. Build remarketing audiences
  9. Offer a ‘lead magnet’
  10. Stay analytical and agile

Read more about these social media recruiting strategies.

Social Media Features in Tracker:
  1. Jobs+ Website Integration
    One click social sharing of your job postings directly to your social media channels.
  2. LinkedIn X-Ray Search
    Search LinkedIn for Candidates within Tracker; Supports LinkedIn Recruiter and Lite
  3. One-Click Post to Social Media
    Configure Tracker with your existing social media properties for 1-click job postings to your profiles from Tracker.
  4. LinkedIn Extension
    Our LinkedIn Extension provides you with a browser sidebar tool to capture individual candidates and contacts and import them directly into your Tracker system.
Additional Staffing Tech to Check Out

At Tracker, we seamlessly integrate with top recruiting industry tech. Here are some of the most impactful to your social media candidate sourcing.


“[Paiger] checks your jobs for gender bias and spelling mistakes, then automatically shares them to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter..”

With Tracker’s integration with Paiger for social media integration, your recruiters and marketing team can automatically share branded jobs, content, and more. This tool is truly a game-changer and a time-maker.

Your Database (CRM/ATS)

When it comes to sourcing candidates out of your own database, the process can often feel tedious and lacking. If your firm utilizes an effective ATS, and uses it effectively (bye bye post-it notes!), then sourcing out of your own data becomes a no brainer. After all, it’s your data.

There are tons of ways that your database can facilitate candidate sourcing. If it’s got the tech.

Here is what our team has found to be the most valuable ATS features for sourcing candidates.

Database Sourcing Features in Tracker:
  1. Candidate Search
    Find the right candidate with 80+ filterable fields, full boolean and semantic search and radius geo-coding
  2. “AI” Ranking
    Benefit from the application of AI in combining resume ranking methodology with candidate engagement
  3. Skills Profiling
    Easily attain and target candidates with combination of ranked boolean searching with auto-coding
  4. Auto Match
    Never miss a vacancy again by constantly matching new candidates to your open jobs
  5. Long & Shortlisting
    These functions are core to our workflow with unrivaled functionality allowing recruiters to take action

Finding Candidates whether within an active job or just scanning the database needs to be fast, relevant and as comprehensive as required. Make sure the staffing tech you use allows for your team to do more (by doing less).

Job Boards

Almost all staffing and recruiting firms use external job boards, to some extent. From posting jobs to searching resumes, global and niche job boards hold a lot of value (and candidate data).

The trouble is, in many industries, you are dealing with dozens of separate and unique job boards. Often, that means dozens of separate logins, platforms and searching sessions.

It doesn’t have to be that way! And, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking to save time and improve outcomes with your candidate sourcing on job boards, check out these job board sourcing features by Tracker.

Job Board Sourcing with Tracker:
  1. Job Board Search
    Search all of your job boards alongside your Tracker candidates from one screen and one results list
  2. Watchdogs
    Automate sourcing by letting Tracker automatically crawl and monitor your job boards for new candidates
  3. Auto Match
    Never miss a vacancy again by constantly matching new candidates to your open jobs

Read more about these job board integration and sourcing features here.

Your Website

You most likely already have a nice website to host your About Us page and tell potential candidates and clients what it is you do. But does your firm have a fully ATS-integrated job engine with search optimized job postings?

For Tracker customers, we’ve created the Tracker Jobs+ Website Integration.

This is an automated career microsite we build and host for your firm, enabling the automation of posting jobs to your website. Further, this integration helps further drive website traffic, convert applications and improve overall SEO performance of your website.

Tracker can already post jobs out to your entire job board network, so combining with Jobs+ further amplifies your postings while driving the authority of your own website.

Job postings are automatically SEO’d or search optimized, giving you the best possible opportunity of ranking high on Google, Google for Jobs, and other search engines.

Additionally, you can further amplify your job postings with automated candidate job alert emails and social media sharing. Step up your social media game even further with completely automated social media job postings through our partnership with Paiger.

Jobs+ Website Integration by Tracker:
  1. Website Integration
    Built by the Tracker Team and hosted on a subdomain of your own website, Jobs+ Pages are completely integrated so Applicants are delivered directly to your Tracker ATS.
  2. Job Posting SEO
    Jobs are automatically SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) giving you the best opportunity of ranking high on Google (including Google for Jobs) and other search engines.
  3. Candidate Job Alerts
    Alert candidates automatically by email when new jobs are posted based on their search criteria and frequency preferences.
  4. Social Media Post
    Jobs+ can be configured with your existing social media properties to automatically post and share new jobs that post to your website.
  5. Job Search
    Jobs+ search engines offer candidates a comprehensive search with filtering by Job Type, Location, Category, Salary or Keywords.

Click here to learn more.

#3 Staffing Tech for Candidate Relationship Management

The hiring process can be painstakingly long, for all parties. Empty positions are costly and candidate and client relationships are key to effective placements.

A recent State of the Nation report found that 82% of firms stated relationship building is a key trait among their most successful recruiters.

Utilizing a CRM system for relationship building through effective and timely communications is not only a time and money-saver, but a great tool for retention and redeployment. An important factor to consider with a CRM is that the efficiency of using tech does not compromise the personalization.

A CRM enhances the communication by removing repetitive tasks and personalizing more with specific data from candidate profiles.

Often times, you’ll find you need a separate ATS and CRM system, which may work fine, but could potentially cause challenges if the two systems don’t talk well to each other.

At Tracker, we offer CRM already integrated into our ATS, which allows for seamless data retrieval and communication based on any and all data points in our whole system. It also allows for more touch points and customized messaging straight candidates.

5 Ways a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Tool Improves Recruitment:
  1. Automate Routine Workflows with Sequences
    • Passive Candidate Nurturing
    • Candidate Reengagement
    • New Applicants
    • Interview Process
    • Onboarding
    • On Assignment Nurturing
    • Redeployment
  2. Capture Data with Integrated Web Forms
    • Candidate Preferences and Skills
    • Satisfaction Surveys
    • Qualification Questionnaires
    • eSignatures
    • Onboarding Forms
  3. Improve Candidate Experience with Data

Here are even more tips for improving your candidates’ experiences with your firm.

Additional Staffing Tech to Check Out

Want to take your candidate experience even further? Check out our friends at Great Recruiters, and see how their reputation management software can help your staffing firm build better relationships, automatically.

#4 Staffing Tech for Referrals

Referrals are a staffing necessity that can absolutely be supported through tech.

Data has shown that referrals are tops for candidate sourcing.

In fact, almost half (48%) of businesses say their top quality hires come from employee referrals.

Using a CRM and the above staffing tech tools, you can build a strong relationship with each candidate. Better candidate relationships and experiences in turn lead to more organic referrals as well as offer a warm opportunity for you to ask proactively for referrals.

Additional Staffing Tech to Check Out

Our buds over at Staffing Referrals help recruiters “get up to 2x more referrals by making your referral program digital.” The Staffing Referrals platform allows your team to easily capture and track referral leads with personalized brand ambassador dashboards and simple social sharing tools for your entire talent network. Learn more about their staffing tech here.

Why Build a Better Staffing Tech Stack with Tracker

Whether you’ve been on the fence, already in consideration of an ATS, or are in the midst of overwhelm with your current tool, it’s time to upgrade and integrate more technology into your recruitment process.

Trackeris a leadingrecruitmentandapplicant tracking softwaredesigned forstaffingagencies of all sizes. Our industry-leading support, onboarding and technology will improve both your recruitment speed, process and quality. With over 15 years of experience, ourATS Systemis built with you, the staffing professional, in mind. 

Let us show you what your true potential is with Tracker’s fully integrated ATS and CRM.

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