Why Hiring is Hard (Right Now) — And Some Recruitment Solutions to Help

So what are some of the big reasons we’re seeing difficulties hiring right now? And, what are some recruitment solutions to these challenges? Let’s take a look.

The only thing that’s felt normal the past two years is the difficulty in finding and attracting quality candidates.

Prior to the pandemic, candidates were clamoring for positions that didn’t exist and now we’ve got an influx of positions with smaller and smaller pools of candidates who want the jobs.

Hiring challenges aren’t anything “new” by any means, but these past couple of years have sure put some common challenges under the microscope while also surprising us with some new hurdles to tackle.

So what are some of the big reasons we’re seeing difficulties hiring right now? Let’s take a look.

1. Mismatched Wants and Needs  

If you read the headlines, it’s hard to miss that there are so many open positions available. And in a current employee-driven marketplace, that should be great news, right? It is, if those are the jobs req’s in your pipeline. Not so great if you are recruiting for some of the harder hit industries.

One of the bigger challenges is that many of the industries or companies that are hiring, aren’t offering what candidates want and need (anymore). This could be pay, type of job, available flexibility, mobility, safety precautions, and more.

The hospitality industry was hit hard with lockdowns and closings and while these are all conveniences and businesses people want around, not many people are opting for these jobs because of low pay, unwanted schedules, and even safety.

Based on a FlexJobs Survey, of those [candidates] actively searching for work, 48% reported that they are frustrated with their job search because they are not finding the right jobs to apply to.

So while there are many open positions, and people are scratching their heads why people aren’t filling them and closing the gap, this is only one reason hiring is hard right now.

To close this gap, it’s important for clients to focus not only on their branding and benefits, but most importantly, spending the time and using tech to get in front of the right people instead of just the most people.

“spending the time and using tech to get in front of the right people instead of just the most people.”

5 Recruitment Solutions to Combat Mismatched Needs:

2. Stiff Competition & Remote Work

Competition has always been a challenge in recruitment, especially when it comes to specialized skill sets and requirements and a smaller pool to pull from.

Where once companies only looked locally for top talent, the net has widened significantly as many companies have shifted to remote work. As many large and established companies have switched to a remote workforce, this has created an ever more strained recruitment pool for SMB’s to find and attract top talent.

When you have very specific talent needs and open it up to the world, you certainly broaden your reach of candidates. But, that doesn’t solve everything.

A recent Sifted survey respondent, from a mobility scaleup, stated that candidates had “too many options” as more companies around the globe have begun to accept remote working as the norm.

Remote work has become a new norm and companies who aren’t willing to be flexible will lose out on potential hires big time.

According to the same Sifted survey, 77.7% of respondents stated they added remote work as a benefit for candidates and employees.

5 Recruitment Solutions to Combat Stiff Competition and Support Remote Work:

3. Lack of Alignment

Last year we saw a record number of people quit their jobs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have had more time and began to re-evaluate their careers against their values. And we’ve seen that for many people, they didn’t align.

Some 3 million people opted for early retirement. Some which may decide to come back, but many that likely won’t.

Many workers left for opportunities that provided more financial benefits.

But the biggest shift that we’ve seen is in regards to candidates holding out for a position that aligns best with their values. This may include:

  • More flexibility (remote work, hybrid work, more reasonable hours, etc.)
  • More mobility (better opportunities for advancement in their field or within the company)
  • Better pay (more employees will shop the same position to seek the best pay)
  • More fulfilling (feeling like they are valued, taken care of, and appreciated)

According to a LinkedIn article and survey, 59% of people over the past year have had a career awakening, with 33% looking for an entirely new role and 34% pursuing a side hustle or passion project.

While recruiters and staffing firms can’t always initially identify candidates’ personal preferences and what would be intrinsically fulfilling to them, it is important to understand these drivers.  Seek to categorize them for your market and ideal candidate persona to make them a part of your branding, job descriptions, and interview process.

Along these lines, a strong culture, upfront and fair pay and benefits, flexibility, and mobility are all becoming top priorities over just the pay and title.

One additional and easy way to combat this in the recruitment process is through consistent communication with candidates. Tell them what they can expect and be upfront with what is offered. Not only will this filter out those who may not be a good fit early on, but it will also save time (which is also money) on finding the best candidates.

5 Recruitment Solutions to Improve Alignment:

How Tracker’s ATS/CRM Helps Tackle These Challenges

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