Why Summer is the Ideal Time to Recruit

Ah summer. School’s out, hot weather is in full swing, and many people are utilizing that vacation time and longs weekends to spend time outside and away from the office.  So with everyone’s various vacation time off requests, and differing schedules it can possibly lead to a little office chaos.   Coworkers could miss important meetings, more time spent out of the office means a longer period of time between returned phone calls and email responses, a combination of these things might make you think think that it may not be the most ideal  time to recruit.  We think the opposite.  While many recruiters are taking time off throughout July and August, that provides an opportunity for other recruiters to ramp up and because they are less pressed for time than during peak months, this will allow them to spend more time researching candidates and finding better fits.

The summertime, also allows for candidates and recruiters to do a mid year evaluation.  Candidates take the time to evaluate their goals, their future at their current company and could potentially, as a result of their feelings regarding those things, could be looking to make a career switch or could also be looking for a new company to work for.  The middle of the year is a great time to encourage evaluation within your company as well.

Another reason that summer is prime time to recruit candidates; graduation.  May and June are traditionally graduation months and all of those fresh graduates are out on the hunt for a great job. With the education to back some job experience and the eagerness and willingness to learn new skills and gain insight into a new industry, graduates are thrilled to be considered for new jobs.

With all these new candidates and data coming your way, it is important to stay on top of organization when it comes to the recruitment process.  Making sure that you have a CRM software that allows your team to connect, organize and recruit in a fluid and user-friendly manner.  Having a recruiting software that can organize candidates will allow your recruiters to go through information easily and quickly, as to make the most of their time.  Choosing an ATS  software that also allows candidates to access information from outside the office, through mobile apps or remotely from a secured server, will allow the recruiters in your office to work on the go, from wherever they decide to vacation.  And finally, having an online recruitment software that can grow with your company, and grow with all of the new recruitment prospects that you hope to gain over the summer months, will ensure the success of your company.  TrackerRMS offers an online recruitment solution that can help your candidates and recruiters find success. Call today to schedule a live demo!

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