Why Support Is The Most Important Factor In Choosing A Recruitment Agency Software

Let’s face it: There is plenty of recruitment agency software on the market. And while they don’t all do the same thing — some platforms are definitely a superior product — they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, you should be looking at these critical factors when selecting recruitment software for your business, but when it comes down to the final choice, the number one thing to look for is an exceptional level of customer support. All the other features are useless without it.

Why? Glad you asked. Keep reading to learn why a commitment to customer success is the most important factor in choosing software for your recruitment firm.

Strong customer support is critical to getting the most out of the product

Powerful software is useless if no one knows how to use it. When evaluating software, ask the vendor about their commitment to helping you implement and train your team on it. Ask them:

  • Do they have comprehensive onboarding and implementation processes?
  • Will they help migrate your current data?
  • Is support free and unlimited?
  • Is support provided by phone, email and/or a ticketing system?
  • What are the average response times?
  • Do they have an FAQ page and tutorial content on their website?

Extensive features — the software’s bells and whistles — are important, but without a strong commitment to providing you with ongoing support, you won’t get what you’re paying for.

When you get great customer service, you can GIVE great customer service

Your agency’s success depend on the success of your individual team members. The right software and the accompanying level of support it provides helps your recruiters be more productive, hit their goals and succeed in their jobs.

By receiving exceptional customer service, your team members are, in turn, empowered to offer exceptional service to clients and candidates. Delivering excellent customer experiences is a key ingredient in generating referrals, growing leads and winning new clients; in fact, according to the Gartner Group, companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60 percent higher profits than their competitors.

A pledge to customer success means bugs get fixed quickly

Every software has bugs. That’s unavoidable. Companies with a strong focus on customer success not only address these bugs quickly, reducing disruption to your business, but they’re interested in fixing the snags that are unique to your agency’s use of the product, not just the general bugs that most of the software’s users are experiencing. This is vital to giving your company an edge compared to other agencies.

You shouldn’t trust a company that isn’t committed to your success

Think about it — do you even want to contract with a software company that doesn’t back up their product with a dedicated customer success team? Of course not.

Companies that aren’t committed to your success aren’t interested in building long-term, profitable relationships. Maybe they’re riding the current SaaS wave, or perhaps they don’t even know how important customer success is. Either way, steer clear of companies that don’t recognize the value of customer success. Your success is their success.

Reduce and address pain points among your staff

Rolling out a new platform can be painful, and some grumbling among your team is inevitable. When you choose a software provider that’s dedicated to the comprehensive and pain-free implementation and training, your employees are less frustrated and more satisfied with the move. Happy employees really are more productive employees.

A strong product + dedicated customer support = win

TrackerRMS is the world’s leading cloud-based recruitment, applicant tracking and CRM software provider. Not only do we offer a full suite of customizable capabilities, but we have also made client success our number one priority. Read testimonials from just a few of our hundreds of satisfied customers, and you’ll see how serious we are about providing you with the proper support in migration, training, setup, and customization.

A powerful end-to-end recruitment agency software solutions and an unprecedented level of customer support — that’s what sets TrackerRMS apart from the rest. Request a demo today.

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